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How To Get Rid of Wireworms

Having a wide, beautiful garden is every home owners dream. However, there will always be hindrances in putting up a nice yard, and the most common culprit for garden damages are pests such as wireworms. Wireworms are not really a type of worms but are actually click beetle larvae. These wireworms appear like little, brown worm-shaped larvae with six legs. They are very harmful to your garden because these wireworms eat up plants until they die. They can also spread disease around your yard that can make your garden lifeless.

Once you determine that wireworms are starting to pester your yard, it is best that you get rid of these wireworms right away before they can cause any more damage. If you do not put a stop to these wireworms, they will continue to develop into fully grown click beetles that will just keep on multiplying. Wireworms are to be taken seriously because of the harm that they bring. So if your garden is being infested by these pests, here are some tips to get rid of wireworms.

Clean up your yard

Pests like wireworms like dirty places than clean ones. So if you clean up your yard, then you have a better chance of getting rid of these wireworms. Start by picking up dirty trash in your yard. Sweep off fallen leaves, flowers and fruits. Place this garbage in a garbage bag and dispose the waste properly.

Remove weeds

Weeds make your plants weaker and more vulnerable to pests like wireworms. So to lessen the strength of these plant killers, you should remove the weeds first. You can either pull up the weeds manually or treat your lawn with herbicide. Note that the use of chemicals is not recommended, especially if there are growing plants near the weed clumps. You might end up killing those healthy plants as well. For more assistance, you can ask a gardener to help you remove weeds.

Pick them up

If you only see a couple of wireworms around, then you can just pick them up one by one. Examine your plants and check for click beetles, larvae and eggs as well. Get a jar and wear your gloves. Just pick up all the pests that you see and place them in a jar. After you have removed the wireworms from your plants, pour soapy water over the jar and let the wireworms die. Throw away the remains in a safe place away from neighborhood.

Trap them

Luring wireworms to a trap can be a convenient way to get rid of wireworms all at once. Some people use potatoes to invite the wireworms. Simply get a potato and poke many holes in it. If the wireworms get lured, they will go to the potato and sink themselves inside the holes. Once wireworms have been trapped, get the potato and throw away from your home.

You can also use wood planks to lure the wireworms. Simply get a plank and dampen it up with water. Place it near the wireworms’ lair and leave it overnight. Come morning time, check the plank. There is a big chance that the wireworms will gather under it. If in case it happened, take the wood plank away from your plants and spray the wireworms with insecticide. This will instantly kill the wireworms. Just repeat the process until the wireworms are eliminated.

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