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How To Get Rid of Wispy Hair

The hair is very prone to drying up and dying. The harsh heat of the sun and its rays are one of the most common causes of unwanted hair problems. For example, one common problem that people face due to sun damage is wispy hair. Wispy hair is characterized by dry and fly away hair. It is also usually rough and just plain lifeless. While some people consider wispy hair as a good hairstyle, it is not always the case with most people.

If you have wispy hair due to your unfriendly surroundings, then you should try to treat your hair and make it more alive before other problems like split ends start to erupt. There are some things that you can do to get rid of wispy hair. Here are some of the tips that you may find useful.

Increase the moisture in your hair

One of the most common reasons for wispy hair is lack of moisture. When this happens, the hair becomes too dry that your hair tips will become wispy and almost dead. So in order to get rid of wispy hair, you should keep the moisture in your hair and scalp. When taking baths or showers, opt to use deep-moisturizing shampoos. Wash your hair first with warm water and lather the shampoo. Rinse it, squeeze the excess water and then lather moisturizing conditioner. After a few minutes, rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water. There are also hair creams that you can add to your hair. These creams make your hair easier to manage and more alive.

Note that using shampoo and conditioner daily may strip off your hair with natural oils so it is best to just use these commercial products every two days.

Apply hair vitamins

There are already vitamins for your hair that can be bought commercially. These vitamins usually come in ointment forms. Just rub a small amount of ointment into your hair when it’s dry. IT will instantly give you that shiny and livelier hair. It will also fix those unwanted, fly away wispy hair.

Brush your hair

Brushing your hair can help make it or break it. Too much brushing may damage your hair and promote more wispy hair strands but, if you just use the brush sparingly, then you can actually get rid of wispy hair. Once your hair has dried, run the brush along your hair and rotate the brush inwards so the end of your hair will not fly away. Just do some occasional fixes with your brush when tangles appear.

Do your own hair treatment

There are things you can find at your home that you can use to make your own hair treatments. Fruits and nuts are great for conditioning your hair. Some of fruits you can use are apple, banana, melon, avocado and other citrus fruits. Almonds also contain healthy oil for your hair. Once you have created your own hair mask from mashed up fruits, just apply it on your hair. After finishing your hair treatment, you will see that your hair will become smoother and more manageable with less wispy hair strands.

Go to the salon

Every now and then, treating yourself to the salon is good for your well-being. Not only will you get some time off to relax, but it will also make your overall appearance look better. To get rid of wispy hair, just set up an appointment with your hairdresser and ask to get a haircut that will remove this wispy hair and give you a more flattering hairstyle.

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