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How To Get Rid of Wisteria

Wisteria is a common woody, vine-type plant that is often planted to add colorful flowers into a garden. When planted properly, these vines will grow and spread and make your yard livelier with its beautiful flowers. However, there are times when wisteria plants grow too much that they become a nuisance instead of an ornament to your yard.

Wisteria is a plant that can grow as much as 60 feet. If left untamed, wisteria plants will spread and take over your garden. Since they are capable of growing too large, they pose as a threat to other plants in your yard. While wisteria plants can be a nice addition to your garden, they can also become a culprit for the damage of your yard if not properly maintained. That is why; it is a must that you keep wisteria plants under control. If ever you missed out for proper garden care and wisteria plants just boomed in your yard, here are some things you can do to get rid of wisteria.

Remove baby plants

Wisteria plants can be very hard to get rid of once they have fully spread That is why, when you see wisteria plants growing, it is best that you get rid of them while they are still small. Start by removing baby wisteria plants in your garden. For small plants, you can just use your hands and pull them up manually. Wear your garden gloves, loosen the soil around the wisteria plant and then firmly yank it out of the soil. Make sure that the roots are also removed because if you just break the stem, the wisteria plant will just grow again. Do not throw the uprooted wisteria plants to the compost but place them in a garbage bag and dispose properly.

Cut up the vines

If you are dealing with mature wisteria plant, then you have to cut it up into pieces before you can get rid of the plant. So the first thing you should do is to cut up the vines crawling around the soil. Using your gardening shears cut up the vines around and places everything you have cut inside a garbage bag.

Chop it up

Once the vines have been removed, then you can now work with the foundation of the wisteria plant. Using a knife or a strong gardening shear, chop up the plant stem so that only a few inches of the wisteria plant is visible from the ground. Place the chopped up plant inside the garbage bag as well. Do not leave any cut part of the plants laying around the soil because it might just sprout again.

Treat with herbicide

When you are only left with the small stem of the wisteria plant, then you can now treat it with herbicide. Roundup and similar herbicides are effective in killing wisteria plants. Simply prepare the herbicide and paint the remaining wisteria stem with the herbicide solution using an old brush. You can also buy those that come in spray forms. Just spray it directly on the plant. Be careful not to apply the herbicide to other plants nearby.

Leave the herbicide to work. If the wisteria plant still seems strong after one week, re-apply the herbicide again and so on until the plant dies. Remove the remains of the plant and dispose it off in a garbage bag.

  1. shonhoo Said,

    When is the best times to plant these outside? Do you ship year-round? Is is pobsisle to order now, plant them in pots indoors, and plant them outside this spring? Also I am in zone 7b (nearly with acid sandy soil which I generally amend heavily with compost for my other fruit trees. Any advice or suggestions for care and best locations to plant? Are they similar in any way to raising blueberries?

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