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How to Get Rid of Wolf Spiders

Spiders come in various shapes, sizes and appearance and when we say appearance, we are talking about nasty. But spiders’ presence are sometimes beneficial, they can kill off other insects that are considered as pests. Spiders are known hunters but there are times that they can become pests themselves. Such an example is wolf spiders; they are big and hairy and have a mean bite.

Wolf spiders’ bite, although not deadly, can cause redness, swelling and pain around the bitten area. Spiders can multiply at a very fast rate and the same can be said for wolf spiders. Once wolf spiders find their way into your house, they can reproduce and an infestation might occur. For this reason, wolf spiders should be dealt with to control their population.

Conventional methods can be performed to kill wolf spiders in your house. There are a number of different ways to eliminate their presence to make sure that they don’t invade your house. Here are some of the things that you can do on your own although at some point, you may have to ask assistance in eliminating the threat of wolf spiders:

Get rid of their natural habitat

First things first, keeping your house clean at all times is mandatory and it can deter spiders and other types of insects from living in your house. Make sure that you free all of the clutters that are scattered inside your house; spiders love, dark and damp places. Start off by removing piles of laundry, papers, as well as boxes.

Before you worry about wolf spiders entering your house, remember that they can come from the outside. If you have a garden, you should maintain it and take out any plants that are growing in excess. Remove any bushes, hedges or ivy, anything that grows against the house should be removed. Wolf spiders also love wooden piles, make sure that you place piles of wood or stones far away from your house since wolf spiders can live on them.

Seal cracks and cover holes

Wolf spiders can enter your house through small holes and crevices. Check for cracks on the walls outside the house, every now and then. Seal the cracks or crevices with a caulking gun to make sure that wolf spiders do not find any place to enter your house. You should also install screen windows so you can leave the windows open without the risk of having insects or bugs from entering your house.

Spray insecticide

Insecticides can be effective against spiders as long as they are used properly. The best time to use an insecticide is when everyone is out of the house since the chemicals can have a negative effect on the body when inhaled. After everyone has left the house, you should spray and enclose the house which makes the insecticide more concentrated. After a few minutes, you can go back and check if there is any smell left and vent it out.

Hire exterminators

If there are signs that wolf spiders are appearing to have infested your house in great numbers, it may be time to contact a professional exterminator. Their expertise can come in handy since they will be able to identify where the spiders inhabit. By getting to the source, the problem can be eliminated permanently. They also have the right equipment to use which can also help prevent wolf spiders from coming back to your property.

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