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How to Get Rid of Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers are funny birds, if you see them as a cartoon character. The real woodpeckers though, as much as they look pretty, can become a nuisance if they start “pecking” at your house. When woodpeckers start drilling your house, you have a big problem. Not only they destroy how your house looks, they can claim territory on the side of your house and could stay there for a long time.

Woodpeckers drill for a number of reasons; they attract possible mates, they also do this so they can create storage as well as nests. Food is also a reason why they drill since they can forage insects in the process of drilling. Although they are considered a nuisance once they start drilling, they actually provide a lot of benefits.

Woodpeckers are non game birds and it is important to remember that they are protected by law. They should be redirected rather than destroy or kill them. Once a woodpecker drills on your house, it presents a lot of problem such as repair and creatures holing up on the damage done by the bird. The following can help you get rid of woodpeckers:

Keep them on the move

Preventing woodpeckers from making your house as their territory should be a priority. To deter woodpeckers from entering your property, you can install aluminum foils or strips of reflective tape around the house. These will allow the light to reflect on the objects which will startle woodpeckers. Once the birds see the sudden beam of light, their first instinct is to flee from the area. You can put on the trees by hanging them on branches allowing the wind to spin them around even producing more beams of light. Visual deterrents are one of the many ways people use to prevent woodpeckers in their houses. This is an effective way of scaring them off without scaring them.

Use audio deterrents

There are several motion activated device that emits distress calls of larger predatory birds that can scare woodpeckers. These devices can be very sensitive as they will sound off at the slightest motion indicative that there are woodpeckers or birds present in the property. They can be an expensive investment, but it is still feasible since it gives you the benefit of deterring woodpeckers without laying a finger on them.

Eliminate possible food sources

One of the reasons why woodpeckers roam around is to search food. Insects and small bugs serve as food for them and it would be important to get rid of small insects to ensure that it wouldn’t attract woodpeckers. It would also help to clean up your yard and pick up anything on the ground that can be mistaken as food by woodpeckers and birds alike. Throw everything in a garbage bag and tie them nicely to be disposed.

Set up traps around the area

You can use live traps to capture woodpeckers alive without hurting them. When you get the chance to capture them, you can call local wildlife personnel to get them for you. Although before you can set up traps, you will need to get a permit from the State and Federal Wildlife agency which will then provide you with the right specifications for the traps that you can use to capture the woodpeckers. These traps should capture the birds alive or you will be liable for killing them.

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