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How to Get Rid of Wool Moths

With probably millions of species of insects out there, it’s no wonder why there are a lot of them are considered to be a nuisance to people. If it doesn’t directly attack you, it will go after the next thing that you care about, probably your clothes. There is one type of insect that likes to feed on wool and they are known as wool moths.

Wool moth is a type of moth that leaves its larvae on wool clothing or other fabrics such as fur coats and feathered apparel. Wool moth is not the problem but it’s the larva that they leave that causes an issue. Once the eggs hatched, the wool moth’s larva will start feeding on the fabric where the eggs are located. It can turn your sweater into a rag in an instant due to the holes the larva would eat.

You need to make sure that you get rid of wool moths since they can be devastating if left untreated. Your clothes are stored in cabinets where larvae may not be visible and before you know it; your whole collection of clothes can be destroyed. To help you get rid of this nuisance, you can follow the instructions provided below:

Kill the adult moth

Wool moth larvae are the main cause why your clothes can be destroyed but you need to deal with the parents first since they are the ones that lay eggs on your clothes. Deal with adult wool moths by spraying insecticide in your house if you see any signs of them. Leave the room where you saw the wool moth and generously spray insecticide, leave the room afterwards. Leave it for about 30 minutes before entering the room and clear any smell if there are any left.

Wash the clothes in the affected drawer

If you were unable to prevent moth larvae from invading your drawer and you have found out that they have chewed up a piece of your clothing, empty all of the contents of your cabinet or drawer. The eggs of wool moths may not be visible to the naked eye and if you just take out the affected piece of clothing, there may be other eggs left in the other clothes that can hatch and just start with the problem again. Upon seeing traces of wool moths, wash all of the remaining clothes and place them under the sun to ensure that the remaining eggs will be removed from the clothes.

Clean up your drawers and cabinets

Once you have emptied your cabinets, it is time to clean them up. There may be eggs lying inside the cabinet and you need to make sure that it is free from the eggs before you return the clothes. To do this vacuum the drawers and cabinets and wash them thoroughly with soapy water and rinse afterwards. You should wipe it dry with a piece of cloth and place the drawers under the sun for at least an hour.

Use cedar moth block repellents

One of the most commonly used moth repellent is moth balls. They do the trick but the problem with them is that they do not smell really good. As an alternative, you can use cedar moth block repellents. Cedar wood has properties that make them natural insect repellents. Just place them inside the drawer. They will not kill moths but rather just repel them.

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