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How To Get Rid Of Yard Waste

Is your yard filled with fallen leaves, small twigs, grass clippings and other yard waste? While waste can be decreased, it cannot really be avoided. All year round, waste materials will incur in your yard, especially when season of fall comes. It is during fall that dry and dead plants accumulate. During this season, rain and storms are pretty common as well so you might encounter storm debris that will add up to your yard waste.

Once your yard seems to be covered with thick yard waste, it might be very daunting to get rid of those unwanted pieces of garbage. Some home owners just resort to sweeping the yard waste and setting them into fire. This may be the easiest and fastest fix for yard waste but it can be very harmful to the environment and humans as well. If you want to get rid of yard waste, here are other things you can do aside from just burning that pile of garbage.

Segregate your waste

Before you can properly clean your yard, you need to segregate the waste first. It is actually very easy to sort waste. Just get about two garbage bags or trash can. Start by picking biodegradable waste like the dead leaves and grasses and put them in one container. Pick up all those non-biodegradable, recyclable materials as well like plastics and keep them in another garbage bag or can. Once you have separated the biodegradable materials from the non-biodegradable ones, it will be easier to dispose them off.

Make a compost pit

Composting is a very helpful solution for yard waste problems. All you have to do is dig up a pit in your backyard. Then, chop up or tear into pieces all those biodegradable materials. After that, just throw the yard waste into the compost pit that you build. Once you have filled the whole pit with biodegradable waste, you can now seal the pit with a layer of soil. Over time, the yard waste you buried in the pit will decompose and become fertilizer. The soil where the compost pit used to be at will now become more healthy and ready to be used for gardening.

Join recycling programs

With the non-biodegradable products that you segregated, the best thing you can do to get rid of them is to recycle these garbage materials. You can join various recycling programs or just donate your yard waste to local recycling organizations. Not only were you able to get rid of yard waste, you were also able to help your community.

Wait for the garbage truck

If you are too busy to dispose your yard waste properly, once you have sorted them out, you can just leave the waste in front of your lot and wait for the garbage truck to pick them up. Usually, the government sends out a truck that collects garbage regularly. Just make sure that you place your garbage bags or cans in the proper place until the garbage truck picks them.

Call a waste disposal company

If your yard waste is just too much that your lot almost looks like a rubbish dumpsite, calling a waste disposal company might be a better option. For some cash, you can just call a waste disposal company and hire some people who will take away your yard waste.

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