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How to Get Rid of Zoysia Grass

Grass is pretty common in the garden or in any landscaping; their lush green appearance makes a garden look very attractive. There are times that a grass overwhelms everything in the garden because of their rapid growth. They can occupy the space of other plants and can take the nutrients that were supposed to be for the plants. One type of grass that can do just this is the zoysia grass.

Zoysia grass is a type of grass that is hardy and resistant to drought. Zoysia grass can also turn into straw colored grass which makes it hard to look at because of its appearance. Because of the high presence of zoysia grass, they can take over a garden without you even noticing it. Zoysia grass has benefits but the problem it causes far outweighs it if they grow in numbers.

Zoysia grass can be left alone but should be maintained to control its growth, preventing any negative effects it has on other plants in the garden. If you notice an ever growing presence of zoysia in your garden, you should take the necessary actions to deal with them sooner than later when they are harder to remove. Here are some of the things that you can do when dealing with zoysia grass:

Nourish them

Zoysia grass, like other types of plants, need water to grow. This is exactly what you need to give it, fertilize it even. You may find it illogical to do this since you want to remove them, but actually, you are setting up the zoysia grass for the kill. Nourishing zoysia grass before applying herbicides to them helps absorb the herbicides faster. You should perform this procedure during the spring and make sure that you do not mow the grass while you grow it.

Use herbicides to kill the grass

There are plenty of herbicides available in the market that can help in dealing with this type of grass. One of the most popular and often used herbicides to kill zoysia grass is glyphosate. Remember the procedure earlier where you need to make the grass healthy? This is the part where it comes handy. Herbicides are absorbed faster and more effectively by zoysia grass when they are at their peak condition. Also, take note that since herbicides kill plants, other types of grass will be affected by its application so be careful. You can also add a few drops of liquid soap which makes the herbicide stick to the zoysia grass that aids in the absorption process.

Clean up the mess afterwards

Herbicides usually take effect after a week of application so you may want to check with the progress every now and then. At this time, you will notice zoysia grass dying; this dead grass should be raked and thrown away. If you notice any remaining zoysia grass, you should apply herbicides once again.

Reseed the spots where zoysia once thrived

After you have killed the zoysia grass, it’s the perfect time to plant the type of grass that you prefer on the space zoysia left. By doing this, you will prevent the growth of zoysia in the future. Target the isolated patches left by the dead zoysia but make sure that there are no trace of the herbicides that you applied earlier as this can prevent the growth of the grass you are planting.

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