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How To Get Rid of Concrete Stains

Workdays can really put a strain on anyone since there’s nothing it brings other than stress in exchange for those dollars. With that being said, there a few places where you can relax and catch some relaxation. But the biggest and grandest place where you can get some good rest is none other than your house. Nothing brings comfort more than your home sweet home. Relaxing in your sofa with your family while watching a movie is one of the best things to do after a day in the office. But to have a great, relaxing time, you need to keep your house clean and well-maintained. Just a slight error in your home and you need to rush and quickly fix it. So what if one day from work, you found out something was wrong about your house as you pulled over the driveway? You just parked your car and walked up to your driveway, and then you suddenly noticed something is wrong with the concrete. There are stains all over it. And it’s ruining the pattern and color.

Concrete stains are not as bad as it sounds. Nevertheless, you still want it gone. Since concrete floors and surfaces are very porous, they are easily stained due to the nature of their material. These stains stay on until taken care off. They can completely isolate one part of your driveway in terms of color, and before you know it, your driveway has become something of that from a comic book. Not only are these stains capable of putting some sort of a “dent” on your entire driveway, but they can also shorten the lifespan of the concrete. In other words, concrete stains can make your driveway ugly and less durable. This also means that you must get these concrete stains out as soon as possible. Here are the steps on how to get rid of concrete stains.

Wash with soapy water

The oily and grease stains can be dealt with mild soapy liquid.  Just scrub the area with this soap and water solution. As usual, rinse with water and use towel to remove the excess soap.

Make Tri-Sodium Phosphate

This formula can help you get rid the stains in just a short span of time. You can either make your tri-sodium phosphate solution or just get this mixture from home improvement stores. Soak the area with the stuff and wash it down for at least 30 minutes. Then start scrubbing with a plastic bristled brush. Use your garden hose to rinse the concrete right after.

Cover the stain

Cover the spot for three whole days with kitty litter then sweep it away. The kitty litter will cover any stain and make your concrete floors return to its normal state.

Another solution is to use a dry concrete mix and cover the stain with it. Then clean up with a wet mop. It will cover the stain the same way as the kitty litter.

You can also use enzyme solutions to mow down the staining substances. Again, rinse thoroughly with water.

Use oxalic acid

For rust stains, use oxalic acid. Be sure to follow the instructions for proper preparations. Also wear safety goggles and gloves to protect yourself from the acid. Mop the floor with it and leave it for six hours. Then start scrubbing with the bristled brush. Rinse with water and leave it to dry.

What worked for you?

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