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How to Get Rid of Kool Aid Hair Dye

In today’s world, more and more people are improvising. We use different materials to come up with something out of the ordinary or something that is not meant for that material to be used. There are people that would like to get a different shade of hair color and this is commonly achieved by using hair dye. But alas, people have tried crazy stuff and used Kool Aid to dye their hair, and guess what? It totally works.

Kool Aid offers a variety of color, which is great for people that don’t like the usual hair colors available. They are affordable as well, although as mentioned earlier, this is just an alternative as Kool Aid is meant to be as refreshment rather than a hair coloring product. If you feel that you didn’t achieve the desired results of coloring your hair with Kool Aid, you can actually remove it.

Unlike real hair coloring products, Kool Aid is not as strong. They can definitely put a different shade of color on your hair but they can be removed. This is why some people would rather put Kool Aid since they cannot commit to having a different colored hair dyed with hair coloring products. If you are not happy with Kool Aid dye, follow the procedures listed below:

Take a quick shower

Showering your hair while Kool Aid is still fresh will definitely lessen the visible colors produced by the drink. You should shampoo your hair and agitate it with your hands to make sure that the coloring particles are shaken off of the hair strands. You can also use anti dandruff shampoo to speed up the process of removing the hair dye.

Remove it while still fresh

The effects of Kool Aid hair dye can become permanent but not after a certain period of time. If you feel that you don’t look nice with the hair color Kool Aid provided you with, make sure you attempt to remove it within 72 hours after application. The first thing you can do is to saturate your hair in hot water. This will help in dissolving any coloring particles of Kool Aid off your hair. The colors will eventually fade out or if you are lucky, it can remove the color from the hair completely.

Use a hair color remover

Hair color remover are often used to combat the effects of stronger hair coloring products so even if Kool Aid can provide a shade of color to your hair, it doesn’t hold a candle to hair color remover products out in the market. You can easily purchase these from drug stores or beauty care centers and they provide easy to follow instructions that will help you get rid of the colors Kool Aid produced.

Visit a hair stylist

If you failed to remove Kool Aid hair dye on time and are having a hard time removing it yourself, it’s high time you visit a hair stylist. Hair stylists are equipped with the knowledge, skill and experience when dealing with this type of problem. You can trust them to know how to remedy the situation. They most likely won’t remove the hair color but they would transform it to another color that will make the effects of the Kool Aid even less. You may also opt to have them style your hair to complement the effects of the hair dye.

  1. Mary Said,

    I have tried everything to remove red koolaid from my brown! I am going to go buy some Color Oops tonight!!!!

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