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How To Get Rid Of Metal Stains In Pool

A simple family get together in the pool area can be very fun. Kids swimming here and there while you are preparing the barbecue are just relaxing. It is a perfect way to spend the weekend after a very stressful week at your office. However, even little things that you usually do not give your attention to can ruin this simple, yet memorable moment. This is particularly true with metal stains in pool.

If metal objects are left in and around the pool, they are prone to leaving rusts. This is because your pool is most likely wet, and if metal is left dipped in this moisture for hours, it will start to form rusts that will now stain your pool flooring. Even those coins that your children use when playing on the pool can cause rust stains on your pool. So how can you get rid of it so that you and your family will have a more relaxing pool time?

There are many things that you can do to get rid of metal stains on pool. Some can be easy fixes, while some are quite hard to administer. Nevertheless, the result will be great once you have gotten rid of metal stains in pool. Here are some tips that you can follow to clean those rust stains from the pool?

Use white vinegar

The high acidity of vinegar is great in fighting off many bacteria and germs, and even stains. It is one of the safest things you can use because it does not ruin your pool’s paint but it merely reacts with the alkaline properties of the rust from the metal. TO properly use vinegar in removing metal stains, you can just get a clean cloth and soak it in white vinegar. Then, place the cloth over the areas where there are metal stains. Place another layer of plastic cover over the vinegar-soaked cloth so that it will not dry. Leave them overnight.

Scrub the area

Come the next day, you can now try to scrub off the metal stain. The white vinegar that you have left overnight should have made the rust very easy to remove. So now, you only have to scrub a little to remove the remaining rust. Get a bucket of water, soap and a scrub. Remove the plastic and clothes over the metal stains. Then, using your soapy water solution, scrub the entire area until you have removed the stain. Be sure to use a soft-bristled brush so you will not scratch the paint of your pool.

Scrub with pool pumice stone

If there are still some metal stains that have remained even after you have scrubbed the area thoroughly, then you can just get a pool pumice stone that you can use to scrub the area again. Just gently rub the pumice stone so that it will not leave any scratch or marks on the pool area’s surface.

Clean with water

After everything has been finished, you can now just rinse the area with clean water. Be sure to sweep away the water with the rust away from your pool area and down the drain or canal and not into the pool itself.

Remove and refill water

If the metal stain has already mixed with the pool water, all you have to do is to remove the rusty water and refill it with clean water.

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