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How To Get Rid of Nagging Cough

Have you recently acquired cold or fever and now is being disturbed by that nagging cough? Coughing is a natural body reaction to foreign materials like bacteria that are trying to enter the lungs. It is also a reaction for removing objects that may have stuck in a person’s air passageway. Although cough is natural, sometimes, it can linger for weeks, months and even years! This complication can lead to the ever-irritating nagging cough.

Nagging cough may be caused by several factors like allergies, sinusitis disorders, asthma, bronchitis and other illnesses. This uncontrollable cough not only wrecks a person’s health, but according to statistics, it can also destroy a person’s self-esteem. If you are a victim of nagging cough and want to bring back that old glow in your personality, here are some tips on how to get rid of nagging cough.

The sweet remedy

Honey is one of the best remedies when it comes to several allergic reactions. Honey contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, as well as anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant contents. These contents will help to control that nagging cough you have. You can simply add honey to your everyday diet since honey is one miracle food that has a lot of benefits and almost no side effects, except for babies. Whether you want to drink juice, munch on savory dishes or just eat honey as is, you can open a jar of honey to get rid of that nagging cough.


Although garlic does not taste as good as honey, it also has anti-bacterial agents that can help get rid of those viruses that may be causing your nagging cough. You can simply crush garlic and chew on it if you can handle the taste. Raw garlic can provide you with the best nutrients. However, if you think garlic is too strong, you can just make it into teas and more tolerable treats.

Everything hot

A nagging cough may be caused by mucus and phlegm that have formed on your lungs and throat. To remove this sticky stuff, you can try to take a hot bath, drink hot beverages or have yourself steamed. This will help melt and liquefy the mucus which will then be easier to release. Note that this will not really dissolve the phlegm, it will just merely melt it but you will have to help yourself remove the mucus from your throat.

Take medications

There are many over-the-counter medicines which you can buy at the local pharmacy. You can opt to buy cough medicines and decongestants as well. They may not really help you get rid of the nagging cough completely, but they can provide instant relief.

Go to the doctor

For every health issue, the best thing to do is consult with a doctor. If you have nagging cough, you must regularly go to your doctor and have yourself examined. As mentioned, nagging cough may be attached with serious illnesses. In cases like this, doctors know best so always set up an appointment with your doctor to get the best solution and advices about your health.

Nobody wants to have nagging cough. It can hinder you from working properly and even communicating with the people around you. If you want to get rid of nagging cough, you must try to discipline yourself and listen to the expert’s advice.

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