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How To Get Rid of New Carpet Smell

New carpeting and rugs give your house a whole new accent. When placed inside a room, it can instantly give that comfortable touch to the area. Carpets bring that homey and relaxing feel to almost any room. However, before it can start to really do its job well, you might be able to encounter problems with new carpet. Why is that? New carpet often has this strong and unpleasant smell. This is due to fresh and new materials that have been used, and even because of the prolonged storage in the store. That is why, when you place a new carpet in your room, it might take a few days or even weeks before you can fully enjoy your carpet.

If your new carpet smells too strong, that you cannot take its odor, instead of waiting for the smell to subside, you can just do some home remedies to get rid of the new carpet smell. So for those household owners who have just added a beautiful carpet in their house, here are things that you can do to get rid of new carpet smell.

Sprinkle some baking soda

As you may know, baking soda is a great item that can remove stains and even unwanted odor. If your new carpet smells bad, you can just sprinkle ample amount of baking soda on your carpet. Leave this for a few hours so that the baking soda will have enough time to absorb the smell from the carpet fibers. After about two to three hours of letting the baking soda sit on your carpet, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the remaining dust on your carpet.

Spray water and vinegar solution

Like baking soda, water and vinegar solution can work well in removing new carpet smell. All you have to do is mix about half cup of vinegar with one cup of water. Place this on a spray bottle. Using the spray bottle, apply the solution to your carpet. Leave it for a few hours to dry. This will most likely remove the smell of your new carpet.

Place a bucket of activated carbon

Activated carbon is a material that absorbs dirt and odor altogether. You can just get these and place them inside a bucket situated near your carpet. If you cannot find activated carbon, you can use ordinary coal. Just place some pieces of coal in the bucket, add wet rag and leave it inside the room where the carpet is. Overnight, let the carbon work and check the carpet if the smell has lessened.

Set up plants and vases

Live plants absorb carbon dioxide and other elements in the air. If you place some plant vases inside the room where the carpet is, the plants may be able to help you get rid of new carpet smell.

Allow the air to circulate

You cannot really avoid dealing with new carpet smell, but one method that you can do to lessen the strong smell of new carpet is to improve the circulation inside the room where the carpet is situated. Just open the windows and run the electric fan so that the odor of the new carpet will be blown away. If the new carpet smell did not go away after trying these methods, then just be patient and wait until the new carpet smell dissipates.

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