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How To Get Rid Of Pepper Burns On Hand

Pepper is an essential spice to every meal prepared at home. It adds lots of flavors to the food, and gives that hot taste and aroma as well. The use of pepper in meals can make the dish more delectable, plus, it can also boost up the appetite for the food. There are many types of pepper and chilies that you can choose from. Each of them has their distinct taste and level of hotness. Unfortunately, when using pepper, you might have to cut and chop them. And sometimes, because of being too spicy, simply getting your hand in contact with the pepper even just for a short while can leave you with pepper burns.

Pepper burns are quite common for those people who harvest pepper and chilies, and those who cook with these spices. Pepper burns bring an unpleasant sensation to a person affected with it. It will leave the skin irritated and stinging. That is why, when you get pepper burns, you should try to treat it as soon as possible in order to get rid of the discomfort associated with it. For those who are dealing with pepper burns on hands, here are some things that you can do.

Wash your hands right away

Merely touching hot peppers can give you that burning feeling. Why? Peppers are naturally oily and their oils can seep from inside out. That is why, when you hold a pepper for long, the oils might be transferred to your skin and get stuck on it. If you do not wash your hands right away, the oil may cause you to get pepper burns. So if you needed to pick some pepper, or chop some for your meal, then always remember to wash your hands quickly afterwards. Or better yet, you can use thin plastic gloves to protect your skin.

Wash with milk

Have you ever been told to drink milk when you ate a spicy meal that left your tongue burning? Well, it can also work if you use milk to wash your hands. Milk has contents that neutralize the capsaicin oils found in chili. So when applied to the skin, the burning sensation will be removed. First, wash your hands with water. Then, simply apply some milk over your hands and rub them together. Wash with water again. This can give you instant relief. However, keep in mind that skim milk do not work well with removing pepper burns on hand so do not get mistaken with fresh and skim milk.

Rub some margarine

Margarine also has contents that neutralize the burning sensation brought about by handling peppers. Simply rub margarine all over your hands. Let it sit there for a few minutes. Then, to remove the oil from margarine and chili, wash your hands with warm water. Afterwards, rinse it with cool water for that more refreshed feeling.

Apply some moisturizing cream

Sometimes, moisturizing cream can help remove the capsaicin oil from the pepper. You can just wash your hands with clean water and lots of sudsy soap. Then pat it dry. Next thing you should do is to get some moisturizing cream, preferably those which contain milk essence, then just apply it on your hands. Once the moisturizing cream has been absorbed by your skin, the pepper burn will be alleviated.

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