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How To Get Rid Of Rabbits In Garden

Most people find rabbits adorable and cute. That is why they even go to pet stores and buy rabbits to play with. However, there are some places where rabbits are considered a big nuisance. In some areas where wild rabbits are very common, household owners try their best to keep those rabbits away from their yard. If you are one of those who already had bad experiences with wild rabbits, you know how annoying they can be.

Wild rabbits feed on plants and crops and once they hop over your fence, it will be hard to stop them from ruining your garden. Of course, you cannot just chase away those wild rabbits with a stick. So even if you want to pinch their big ears and throw them away, you have to be patient and take better courses to keep them out of your yard. If you constantly have problems with wild rabbits, look no further because here are some methods you can follow in order to get rid of rabbits in garden.

Build a fence

You can establish fences and barricades so that those wild rabbits wouldn’t be able to loiter around your garden. Chicken wire is one of the best types of materials that you can use in creating fences. This might be a bit costly but at least, those crops of yours won’t get messed up anymore.

Simply install 2-3 feet tall chicken wire around your garden. You might also want to dig a few inches under the ground so that your fence will be securely fastened.

Sprinkle black pepper or chili powder around

Wild rabbits do not like the strong taste of chili and black pepper. To protect your crops from rabbits, you can just sprinkle on the ground some black pepper, chili powder or other similar product with strong aroma. When those wild rabbits inhale the tangy odor of pepper or chili, they will go away.

Get a dog

Wild rabbits get easily scared when there are other larger animals around. Having a dog around your garden will discourage those wild rabbits from visiting and feeding on your crops. If cannot get a dog, you can just ask the pet shop for some dog hair and sprinkle this around the garden perimeter. Wild rabbits have sensitive sense of smell and once they inhale the dog odor, they will be too scared to enter your yard.

Plant some more

There are some particular plants, like garlic, onions and marigold, which drive wild rabbits away. You can add these kinds of plants in your garden if you want it to look less attractive for wild rabbits. Also, you can plant crops such as corn, squash and potatoes which do not really interest wild rabbits. You can place these plants in between those crops which rabbits love such as carrots. If they see these uninteresting plants first, they wouldn’t think you have the crops they love so much.

Place traps

There are many pest traps that you can get in the local market like the catch and release trap. It might be helpful to place a few around your garden. Just be sure to add some bait to your trap. Wild rabbits are not really the wisest among other animals so it will not be too hard to lure them into your traps.

Ask for assistance

If you cannot stop those wild rabbits from infesting your garden, you can ask your local neighborhood or some animal organization for assistance.

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