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How To Get Rid Of Reptile Mites

Mites are one of the most common pests that attack house pets. There are rabbit mites, dog mites, cat mites and much other type of mites out there. While it is quite common to see mammals getting attacked by mites, even reptiles are actually susceptible to be attacked by these unwanted pets. Although keeping reptiles as pets is not very common in average households, some people do find fondness in animals like iguanas and other animals from the lizard family.

Same with other mammals, these reptile pets can also be attacked by parasitic bugs and mites that can pose as a threat to your pet. These reptile mites are capable of burrowing themselves on your pet’s scales and feeding on your pet’s blood. When your reptile pet is under attack by mites, you can easily tell the discoloration in its skin and the discomfort that your pet may be feeling. So if you find these little mites living on your reptile pet’s skin, you should get rid of them right away. Getting rid of reptile mites is actually a moderately easy task. Just follow these simple steps to get rid of reptile mites.

Get some warm water and Betadine

TO treat your precious reptile pet, you will need to bathe it with some mite-fighting solutions. SO the first thing that you have to do is to get some warm water. Pour this to a tub or a small basin where your pet can fit easily.

While the water is still warm, drop some Betadine solution into it. Mix the water and the Betadine together. You need to achieve this brown color similar to a tea. So just keep on dropping some more until the mixture is in the right consistency.

Place your pet inside the tub

When the bathing solution is ready, you can now get your reptile pet and place it into the tub or basin. Gently lay him there without sinking its head while sprinkling water to its body. Do this so that your pet will get accustomed to the temperature of the water. Be sure that your pet’s head is not submerged to the water so that it will not drink the water and Betadine solution.

In case your pet urinates or defecates, immediately get him out of the tub and replace the water.

Rub and scrub

Using a soft sponge, rub and scrub your pet. Be sure to clean thoroughly its body. Pay particular attention to your pet’s scales as those mites prefer burrowing themselves inside these crevices. Just keep on gently scrubbing your pet until it is mite-free.

Place in a quarantine tank

After you have cleaned your pet, you still need to clean its aquarium. In the meantime, get a quarantine tank and place your pet inside it while you clean its original house.

Clean your pet’s tank

Even if your pet has been cleaned, there are most probably lots of mites that are lingering inside your pet’s tank. So in order to kill these pests, you need to clean your pet’s tank with water and chlorine bleach solution. Submerge your pet’s furnishing inside a separate bleach solution. Then, using another mixture of chlorine bleach and water, thoroughly scrub your pet’s tank. Afterwards, rinse with clean water and dry. Place back your pet’s entire furniture and your pet inside the cleaned tank

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