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How to Get Rid of a Hoarse Voice

Say what? This is probably the most common question asked to someone who has hoarse voice. Getting a hoarse voice can be caused by different medical conditions associated with the throat. There may be underlying conditions causing the hoarseness of the voice and some people may even feel slight pain for cases that results from getting throat irritation.

Hoarse voice can also affect the way we communicate with other people. The reason for this is we are harder to understand when we make grumbling sounds rather than cohesive sentences. People with hoarse voice may also feel discomfort since they would feel that something is blocking their air passage.

Treating hoarse voice would also involve treating the underlying causes that might be affecting your throat. There are several natural treatment that you can apply to treat hoarse voice while medicines can be used as well. Depending on the situation, the methods that you can use to get rid of hoarse voice may also vary:

Give it a rest

Sometimes, you just have to give it a rest. In some cases, hoarse voice is caused by tired vocal chords. When we talk too much, our throat dries up; when we continuously speak or shout, our throat can hurt which is felt every time we speak. Resting the throat will help it recover, do not whisper even when you feel that your throat is hurting.

Drink warm water

Warm water helps soothe the throat. When you feel that your throat is hurting, drink plenty of warm water. Avoid drinking cold water; remember that singers do not drink cold water after a string of singing engagements? This is due to the fact that cold water aggravates a very used vocal chords and the effect is very unwanted.

Get a physical exam

The cause of having a hoarse voice can be different and the causes may need different type of medication. If resting your voice or drinking warm water does not resolve the problem, it’s high time that you visit a doctor and have them check your condition.

ENT or doctors that specialize on eyes, nose and throat can provide diagnosis based on the test that will be performed to you. The source of the hoarseness of the voice may even be complicated and sometimes would require x ray as the cause may be from lung condition. Sometimes it can be caused by an allergic reaction from dust and other substances.

Take medicines

Depending on the results of the test, you will need to take medications. Antibiotics are some of the most common medicines prescribed by doctors as they assist the immune system in fighting off viruses that can cause cough and colds. Other medicines such as cough suppressant maybe prescribed if it’s evident that you are coughing and there are unusual amounts of phlegm being produced.     

Eat fruits high in Vitamin C

Vitamin C boosts our immune system and eating a lot of fruits that contain this type of vitamin can reduce the risk of getting diseases that can cause hoarseness of the voice. Fruits such as oranges and citrus fruits provide the right amount of Vitamin C required to be taken everyday.

Vitamin supplements are also available and it can serve as a substitute from natural sources of Vitamin C. These come in tablets or capsules; there are multivitamins that also include Vitamin C as part of their component.

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