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How to Get Rid of a Hornets Nest

Have you tried kicking a hornet’s nest? If you have not, then it is one of the wisest things that you have done. They probable are one of the most hazardous creatures that can linger in your property. Hornets are a variety of wasp that can grow up to 2 inches; like bees they live in hives that can be usually found in trees.

Hornets are especially known for their capability to sting especially when they are provoked. Like other types of wasps, hornets can call in an army of other hornets posed to attack and a swarm is potentially dangerous to both animals and in humans. Even if you do kill them and they are close to their nests, they can release pheromones that will call the attention of other hornets sensing this chemical.

A hornet’s nest is also known as a hive and since hornets converge in their hives, the success of killing them off would often lead to a struggle since there can be hundreds of them within a nest waiting to attack. There are different ways to get rid of hornets nest and the following can be done without having to struggle:

Rotting sweet fruits attract them

Hornets are often attracted to sweet fruits as they feed on nectar and sweet tree saps. If you have any fruit trees in your yard, make sure that any fruits that have fallen should be removed immediately. Allowing them to rot would make them much sweeter, although not for human taste, which attracts hornets.

If you have trash full of eaten fruits, make sure that you place them in a bag and throw them inside a trash can covered with a lid so it won’t attract hornets as well as flies that hornet’s can feed on. Make sure that your garden is free from trash no matter what.

Get rid of insects

Aside from fruits and nectars, wasps also feed on smaller insects and they seem to have war against bees. Hornets will feed on them and it would be wise not to harbor insects by making your surroundings dirty. Flies are probably the easiest insects to have in the house since you basically have done nothing and they just appear out of nowhere.

Bees are special to hornets since they seem to have a liking to all things sweet. So if you don’t want to witness a bloodbath between these two species, make sure that you don’t have bees in your yard to prevent attracting hornets. Check with local state laws if they would allow killing off bees first.

Use insecticides

If you want to get rid of hornets nest, you will need to kill the residents first. And you can use commercial insecticides that have the right amount of strength to kill off hornets. Of course, attacking a hornet’s nest is an open call for a sting party which you don’t want to get involved in. Wear the appropriate gear which includes safety goggles and overalls that will cover even your fingers, any point in which the hornets can see an Achilles heel.

Hornets will attack when they are provoked and the best time to spray hornets is at night when they are sluggish and won’t be able to attack efficiently.

Call professionals

If you don’t want to deal with hornets yourself, you can always count on exterminators to do the job for you. Exterminators have the right tools and equipment in dealing with hornets and they sure know what they are doing. When in doubt make sure that you call them in since they have a variety of ways to get rid of hornets and hornets nest.

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