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How To Get Rid Of a Raspy Voice

Do you have a raspy voice that you want to get rid of? Some people actually prefer a deep, hoarse voice, especially when it comes to singing, but some people who have this type of voice do not really appreciate what they have. If you are one of these people who feel like your raspy voice is a curse, there are a few choices that you can take in order to improve your voice.

Getting rid of raspy voice will take some time and effort. You will have to undergo some self-training and even medical help in order to alter your voice type. Changing your raspy voice is like taking a whole new level of voice lesson to improve and enhance your vocal cords, so do not expect that there is a quick and easy way out of having a raspy voice. Nevertheless, you can still get rid of raspy voice by following some of these tips.

Talk to a doctor

If you originally do not have a raspy voice, you might want to talk about it with your doctor. Although hoarse voice may occur during adolescence, having a sudden change in your voice might actually be caused by hidden abnormalities or diseases.

Viral infections and phlegm can easily alter your voice. So if you recently became sick, your raspy voice might just be temporary. There are also other vocal problems that may cause you to have a raspy voice. Before you self medicate, you should consult an expert first and ask for his advices.

Rest your voice

Instead of constantly raising your voice, you should take a break and relax it every now and then. If you have a raspy because of sore throat or other illness, you should try to limit the talking and rest your voice for a few hours every now and then. And when you have to talk, avoid talking too loudly.

Avoid yelling and shouting

Too much shouting and yelling may take its toll on your throat. Your vocal cords may become too strained, hence the hoarse and raspy voice. At all times, try to talk gently and clearly to avoid having a raspy voice condition.

Observe proper way of talking and singing

If you are a singer and use your voice a lot, you should observe the way you talk and sing. Instead of belting it from your throat, get your voice from you diaphragm. If you sing from your throat, you will just end up straining your vocal cords and hurting yourself.

Drink warm liquids

Cold water and beverages are just plain refreshing. But if you want to get rid of raspy voice, you have to refrain from drinking those cold, refreshing drinks. If you need to hydrate yourself, drink warm water. If you want a more tasty drink, mix some fresh herbal tea with lemon and honey. Drink this a few times a day for some consecutive days. Cease from using white table sugar. Instead, use raw honey because it has antibacterial and more soothing properties.

Get some vocal sprays

Raspy voice may occur because of lack of lubricant in your throat. Some health companies have already introduced instant vocal sprays which help to keep the throat moisturized and lubricated. If you need to get some vocal sprays, ask your doctor first for prescription.

Undergo surgery

Your natural raspy voice may be because of your vocal cord structure. If you really want to permanently get rid of your raspy voice, you can undergo a surgery However, you must note that surgical procedures may have its disadvantages too so do think twice or even more before you change your voice type.


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