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How To Get Rid Of a Screen Glare

Are you having a headache dealing with screen glare? Is your computer task getting interrupted by this annoying light from your computer screen? Screen glare is one common screen problem when a light source is reflected on your computer monitor. Screen glare may occur for various reasons. IT may be because of the sunlight or because of some internal error on your computer. Whatever the cause may be, screen glare must be fixed and prevented as it is dangerous.

Screen glare can cause mild to severe eye strain. If you continuously use computer monitor that reflects light, you may also get headache that can lead to recurring migraine. When you start up your monitor and you notice an annoying shiny light reflected on it, do not continue to use your computer anymore until you get rid of screen glare. To help you know more about getting rid of screen glare, here are some things you can do.

Improve your workplace set up

The creeping sun rays are one of the major causes of screen glare. If your computer monitor is directly facing the window or doors, then you are most likely to encounter screen glares all the time. You also should not be facing direct sunlight as well when you are using the computer. Instead of lining up your computer desk with the light source, you should try altering its position to at least 90-degree angle from the window. This way, the sun rays will not hit the monitor and cause the light to reflect.

Use blinds or curtains

If changing the set up of your workplace is inconvenient, then an easy fix to ward off penetrating sunlight is to cover your windows with blinds or curtains. The draperies will help stop the sunlight from entering and reflecting on your computer monitor. Moreover, blinds and curtains do not just help in preventing screen glare, but it improves your room overall.

Switch to desk lamps

Having a ceiling lamp directly above your computer is not really advisable as this can promote screen glare. To fix this problem, move your computer away from the ceiling lamp, or instead of turning on this light, opt to buy a desk lamp and use this instead to light up the workplace. When buying desk lamps, get one that is not too bright.

You can also try covering your ceiling light with jigsaw lamps that are soft-colored. This will not just improve the lighting of your work place; you will also get an instant décor.

Get anti-glare screen protector

There are monitor glass protectors that you can readily buy in your local computer shops. This will not just help in preventing screen glares, but it helps in reducing the amount of radiation that you may be receiving from the computer. These monitor glass protectors are affordable so it wouldn’t hurt your wallet to get one. Choose one that has a purple or blue tinted optical coating.

Adjust the brightness of your screen

If your screen seems to be too bright, you can always adjust the brightness using your computer settings. You can easily find a button on your computer monitor that will enable you to adjust the screen lighting. If you are using your laptop, you can just check the keys on your keyboard.

Take your computer to the technician

While most screen glare problems are caused by wrong lighting and computer set up, it might also occur because of internal errors. Just take your computer to the technician to have it checked.

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