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How to Get Rid of A Second Chin

Are you concerned about your looks? Do you think your face has deforms? In a world when man (in most cases women), have all they need, they still start complaining about their looks. For example, bulging eyes, dark skin, small body build, the list goes on – they cannot just accept the way they appear. For females, they are tending to be more concerned on what’s on their faces specially. Make-ups such as blush-ones and eyeliners are typical cliché’s to cover these rough edges. Sometimes there are problems where proper application of makeup wouldn’t compensate and leave your flaw visible for everyone to see. And a great example of this is a second chin.

Second chin is often the result of nutritional imbalance. For instance, being overweight or poor posture can net you a second chin. Do not blame your family, but they can also be acquired genetically. While it isn’t exactly a flesh-eating tumor bulging across your chin, second chins are not a pretty sight. Simple things like eating well and proper exercise can help you rid of the second chin, but let’s face it: this takes a while. This article will give a more thorough and clear steps on how to get rid of second chin on a daily basis. This means doing so by just sitting down and getting lazy or while eating food. Here are steps on how to get rid of second chins and habits to help reduce it.

Practice a good posture

When sitting down, it is wise to sit up and retain a good posture. Always hold your head above your shoulders and have your jaw slightly jutted all day. This will practice the muscle and tissue in your face to form a more natural form, so that you do not develop second chins.

Do mouth exercises

If you aren’t eating, try this simple but effective mouth exercise. Open your mouth as wide as you can and relax for about 10-15 seconds. For optimum results, push out your jaw and work it up and down. A resistance such as a tennis ball under your chin helps a lot.

This is another one to help form your skin into normal state. Hold your forehead with one hand and start to push your head forward. This should be done while the hand is providing resistance. Do it at least 10 times a day or as often as you can.

Use food to do your bidding

Chewing can extremely help put your chin into proper form. Thus, a sugar-free chewing gum work wonders. It will help your jaw and facial muscles work to prevent excess fat. Any activity that moves your facial muscle will help immensely when trying to rid yourself of second chin. In other words, chewing gum and making facial expression more often can mean faster method to getting a normal chin.

Follow an active lifestyle

As always, get in shape and stay there. Overall weight gain is one of the reasons why you have second chin. SO monitor your food intake, especially your calories and start watching what you eat. Exercises such as aerobic routine walking or jogging can help get you into shape. Weight training and calisthenics will also improve the tone of your muscle, including

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