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How to Get Rid of a Sore Throat

Almost everyone has probably experienced having sore throat at least once in their lives. Once acquired, the person would have difficulty in swallowing or speaking since it can be painful. Sore throat is often a manifestation of illnesses such as cold, tonsillitis, and other types of viral or bacterial infection.

There are several reasons why people get sore throats, from being a symptom of underlying causes to bacterial infection. It is also aggravated by coughing which causes the lower pharynx to become inflamed and sore. This condition can be transmitted airborne as well since it is often caused by either a virus or bacteria.

Treatment of sore throat means that you are preventing the spread of bacteria as well. You will do the people around you a favor if you treat the condition early on. There are medicines that you can buy but there are natural ways to get rid of sore throat. The most important thing to remember is to find out what the underlying cause is before treatment:


Avoid people that show symptoms such as coughing or colds. Virus or bacteria that cause the inflammation of the throat can be transmitted through the air. A simple cough or sneeze can infect you with the same bacteria from a person that has been infected with sore throat. The worst part is that you may be acquiring underlying causes that have caused sore throat rather than just the condition of having sore throat itself. If you have sore throat, it would be polite to wear surgical masks to prevent the spread of the virus.

Get a check up

Since sore throat is also a symptom of other conditions, you may want to visit a doctor first and have them check you up. Tests will be performed to find out the cause of the sore throat and the doctor would be able to advice the proper treatment from there.

There are cases when sore throat is mistaken for another type of ailment which can lead to more complications. This is where the importance of having yourself checked up comes in since proper lab tests will ensure the accuracy of the findings regarding your condition.

Take Vitamin C

The immune system is our body’s first line of defense from invading bacteria or viruses. The immune system is boosted by Vitamin C which is what we need to increase to strengthen it. There are various sources of Vitamin C that we can ingest. Fruits such as oranges and pineapples are rich in this vitamin, at the same time; there are supplements that can be purchased from drugstores that can fill the body with the daily dose of Vitamin C needed.

Take lozenges

Our very first reaction when we have sore throat is to rush to the drugstore and buy medicines. Aside from medicines, you can also take lozenges to help soothe the throat with its cooling properties. Lozenges come in different flavors and often resemble regular citrus candy which makes it easy to take.

Different types of gargle

As a temporary fix, gargle water with diluted salt. Salt has water absorbing properties and it is used to absorb excess fluids from the inflamed area. Aside from salt and water gargle, you can also try apple cider vinegar gargle as it is considered as a gentle antiseptic. Also try drinking honey and lemon mixture to allow relief from throat irritation.

What worked for you?

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