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How To Get Rid Of a Texas Spiny Lizard

Is there Texas spiny lizards hanging around your house? Do you always think twice before going out on your lot because you are afraid you may come across Texas spiny lizards? Lizards and geckos are actually beneficial animals, although some people really cannot appreciate their appearance. So if you are one of those who are afraid of lizards and facing the problem of getting them out of your house, here are some tips you can follow to get rid of Texas spiny lizard.

Remove their foods

The most probable reason why Texas spiny lizard may be visiting your lot often is because they find many food resources around your lot.  The most common reasons for them to hang around are a big supply of mosquitoes, spiders and moths, beetles which are the most scrumptious foods for this animal. Actually, geckos and other lizards in general will be attracted to your lot if you have these insects. So if you want the Texas spiny lizard to go away, eradicate those insects that attract them.

Get rid of the insects

If you want to get rid of the Texas spiny lizard, the best thing you can do is to get rid of the insects. Of course, it is quite inhumane to kill this kind of animals, especially when they are being protected by the law. SO instead of taking out your fury on the lizard itself, you can opt to kill the beetles, spiders, moths and mosquitoes around. You can use insect traps, organic insecticidal soap or insecticides to treat them. You should also maintain the cleanliness of your house if you want them gone. Clean up dark, moist places that insect pests love. Seal cracks, crevices and holes so that the insects will have no entrance to your home.

Remove leaf litters

Texas spiny lizard love leaf litters. So if you want them gone, clean up your lot and remove these leaf litters around. It is also a good idea to remove fallen leaves at least once a week to avoid leaf litter build up.

Place mothballs around

While mothballs are used to shoo away moths, they are actually effective with Texas spiny lizards as well and other lizards at that. Lizards, geckos and even snakes hate the smell of mothballs. So if you scatter them around your house and lot, you have a big chance of making your area less inviting for the lizards. Mothballs are very inexpensive so this is an economical and effective way to get rid of Texas spiny lizard. However, always give your family and friends the heads up when you place mothballs around to avoid any problems.

Get a cat

Cats can chase away those lizards and geckos. If you do not have a cat, you can get one from the pet shop, or you can borrow a cat from a friend in the meantime. Not only will you be able to get rid of the Texas spiny lizard, but you will also have a new pet. When you plan to buy a cat, be sure to get one that is nice and active so that your money will not go to waste.

Call someone who likes lizards

Texas spiny lizards are actually kept by some people as pets and there are several people who are interested with it. So if you know a lizard enthusiast, just ask him to get the Texas spiny lizard from your house.

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