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How To Get Rid Of Adhesive Stickers

Do you have adhesive stickers on your walls, furnishing or car? DO you just want to get rid of it but you do not know how to fix the mess that adhesive stickers may leave? While sticking posters, flyers and other things may be easy, it can be very challenging to get it out.

Adhesive stickers are a hassle to take down because they require a delicate touch. While it may seem tempting to grab a sharp object like a chisel and start scrapping of the stuff, it is highly recommended that you don’t do this. Not only may it damage the wall where the adhesive sticker is on, but it may also leave adhesive trace marks that would not look pretty on any wall or surface at all. So instead of just madly tearing the adhesive stickers, you should follow the correct but delicate way to remove them. This article will provide a few easy ways to eliminate those adhesive stickers that will still leave your wall looking sharp and fine. Here are some tips on how to get rid of adhesive stickers that will get you out of your sticky situation.

Paint thinner

Paint thinner is a powerful solvent. Before unleashing the paint thinner’s wrath upon the sticky stuff, you may want to save your hands from it. Wear gloves to protect your hands and your flawless skin. Then, take a piece of cloth and soak it with the paint thinner. Start saturating the adhesive sticker with the solvent. Wait a few minutes until the thinner has been absorbed by the sticker, and then use the spatula to remove the paper.

Penetrating oil

Head over to your local hardware store to purchase penetrating oil. You can use it the same way as the thinner. The good thing about penetrating oil is that it really does penetrate deeply any wall or surface. The oil is quickly absorbed so it will loosen the sticker faster than paint thinner. Just use a blunt-edged knife or spatula to remove the adhesive sticker.

Heating gun

This is one of the many ways to remove the sticker using heat. The purpose of this step is to melt the adhesive sticker right away without damaging the wall much. Make sure you clean up after since it might singe the surface. Also, be careful not to overdo the heating or it will leave burnt marks. Heating gun is a rather hazardous device to use so proceed with caution.


Aside from heating gun, the use of iron is another way to melt the adhesive material on your sticker. Unlike the heating gun, the iron is less effective but also less risky. It does not damage the wall and it is less hazardous. Do note that even if it isn’t as strong as the heating gun, the iron is still hot so be careful when handling one. Simply set your iron to a moderately hot temperature and try to press it against the adhesive sticker until the glue melts.

Blow dryer

The use of blow dryer is a safer alternative to heating gun and iron. Despite being the least effective out of the three, blow drying the adhesive away will not leave any burnt marks.  Blow drying also has a very low probability of hurting you. So if you are battling with an adhesive sticker, just get your blow dryer to melt the sticky adhesive and remove the sticker.

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