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How To Get Rid Of Aggressiveness In Dogs

Dogs are one of the most popular, and really the nicest pets that you can keep around your house. They can be sweet but they can also be very protective of their owners. Like humans, dogs have different personalities as well. Some are nice and sweet; some are protective and loyal, while some can be mean and aggressive. Now, the latter is the one that you should be worried about, because dogs with fierce disposition are just plain troublesome.

If you have a dog that has an aggressive personality, then you might probably be having a problem on how to keep them tame, especially when there are visitors around. Aggressive dogs are really a big pain in the head. They will bark loudly, damage things in the house and basically, just act ferocious. They can even cause trouble if they got someone caught between their teeth! So if you have a dog who do not have a very warm and welcoming aura, then you should try to train him to be nicer. Getting rid of aggressiveness in dogs is quite hard, but it can be done with patience and time. Here are some things you can try to get rid of aggressiveness in dogs.

Know what your dog is being aggressive about

There are many things that can cause a dog to be aggressive. The number one thing that can make them go wild are “trespassers” or simply, persons whom they are not used seeing. While this can be beneficial for your safety, sometimes, it can be too much and even your friends and neighbors may be mistaken by your dog as “thieves”. Another thing that can make them barks loudly are other animals loitering around. And sometimes, they may become aggressive because of their health condition. So before you act, try to assess which one of this causes your dog’s behavior.

Go to a vet

As mentioned, aggressiveness in dogs may be due to an illness that they are having. So to be sure whether your dog is undergoing a painful disease, you should go to the veterinarian and have your dog checked up. If it happens to be a medical condition, simply refer to your vet for different health treatments you can give your dog.

Consult a dog trainer

If your dog does not listen to anyone, even you, then you should consider consulting with a dog trainer. A dog trainer is the expert when it comes to correcting bad manners of pet dogs so when it comes to aggressiveness problems, a dog trainer is one of the best persons you can turn to. Simply contact a dog trainer around or look for an animal behaviorist. Ask advices from him or you can pay for the trainer’s services so he can make the aggressiveness of your dog go away.

Be nice to your pet

Your dog may be becoming aggressive because of the lack of attention your are giving your pet. If you used to be very close then you suddenly become busy and forget about your dog, then it may start changing its sweet personality to attract your attention. Remember that, even though animals do not really have “human feelings”, they still have their unique instincts and they can somehow develop a bond with you. If this bond between a master and pet is starting to break, the pet will feel abandoned so it will start doing almost anything just to be noticed. SO always keep in mind to be nice and always make your pet feel loved and sheltered.

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