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How To Get Rid of Allergic Rash

Allergic reactions are irritating and uncomfortable. If you have been attacked by allergens, you may experience a lot of unwanted disturbances in your body such as sneezing, runny nose, red and watery eyes and one of the lingering symptoms – allergic rash. Allergic rash are very itchy which will make it difficult for you to stay relaxed.

When you get allergic rash, it is best to treat it right away. If you do not take care of it, it might get infected and cause even more pain and discomfort. Once you see allergic rash start to develop, get into action to treat it. Here are some things you can do to get rid of allergic rash.

Take a hot bath

Allergic rash can be very itchy and one quick way to get rid of it is to take a hot bath. The warm temperature will have that soothing effect on your skin so you will not feel like scratching and clawing on your rashes. Simply soak your body in a warm bath for relief. If you want a more effective and healthier bath time, instead of just hot water, you can take oatmeal bath. There are oatmeal products that can be used for baths. These can be bought at grocery stores and drugstores. Do not just use oatmeal that you can find in your pantry cabinet.

Apply hydrocortisone cream

Hydrocortisone cream is an effective treatment for almost any kind of rashes. It has elements that kill the bacteria and speeds up the elimination of allergic rash. Before applying the hydrocortisone cream, you should first take a bath, like indicated above. Then, dry up your skin. Do not rub but just lightly pat your skin with towel. After that, simply apply a thin coat of hydrocortisone cream directly over the rashes. You can just leave the hydrocortisone to work, or you can also apply a bandage over it. But when you opt to apply bandage, make sure that your skin can still breathe.

Take antihistamines

If the allergic reaction cannot be remedied with home products, then you can intake medicines to help put a stop to it. Antihistamines are the number one medicine for allergic rash. You can get these over-the-counter in local drugstores. Pharmacist usually can give you the advice about consumption of antihistamines.

Go to the doctor

Allergic rash usually go away just after the allergic reaction has subsided. But if you suffered a serious allergic attack, then it might not be treated right away. If the allergic rash stays really itchy and inflamed for a couple of days, then you should already go to the doctor and ask for a consultation.

Keep the allergens away

In order to prevent any up and coming allergic reactions that can lead to rashes, it is best that you keep the allergens away. If you already know what you are allergic too, then stay away from it. Mostly, allergic reactions are caused by pollens and dust which can be found around your home. So to avoid encountering these allergens, you must clean up your home. Dust off your ceiling down to the floor. Sweep or vacuum the dirt. Follow up by wiping furniture and mopping the floor. You might also want to launder your fabrics and clothes with laundry detergent soap that are friendly to your skin. Choose your laundry detergent wisely as some laundry detergent can also inflict allergic reaction. If you keep your area clean, you will not encounter these allergens.

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