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How To Get Rid of Alternator Noise

Car rides can be really boring especially if you are travelling miles and miles away. If you have someone travelling with you, then you might get entertained every now and then by chatting with your friend. However, if you are driving alone, then you might feel like just stepping on the accelerator and fly to your destination. But there is one remedy to make travel time lighter. That is turning on the radio and listening to good music through your car speaker. But what if your car audio system is not as smooth as it should be? What if, instead of jamming your head to the music, you want to jam your head because of the screeching, unwanted noise that it emanates?

Alternator noise is one of the most common problems when it comes to car audio systems. This most commonly happens after an improper installation or upgrade of car audio system. Usually, most people who experience this problem with heir car audio did the tinkering by themselves, which is highly not recommended, unless you are really an expert when it comes to cars. Fortunately, you can still fix this alternator noise. If you want your car ride to be more pleasant whether you are driving alone or with friends, here are some things you can do to get rid of alternator noise and fix your car audio system.

Re-check your car audio system settings

If you have just recently installed your car audio system, then you can just re-check it because you might have just missed one important fix.  There are times when alternator noise is just caused by wrong sound settings. Get your manual and see the recommended sound settings and compare it to what you have set. If it does not match, then just input what is recommended in the manual.

Check the amplifiers

Most issues of alternator noise do not lay in the sound system itself but the connected amplifiers. The first step is to shut down your sound system and disconnect the amplifier cables. Try running your car’s engine. If the noise is still there, then it is the amplifiers that cause the alternator noise.

Another way to know if the amplifiers are causing the alternator noise is to get other amps and try to connect it with your sound system. If those amps you have connected do not emit any buzzing noise, then your amplifiers may be the real culprit. You can then try to ask a friend to connect your amps to his car. See if the amplifiers are running smoothly on other cars. If the alternator noise can be heard, bring your amplifiers to the manufacturer and ask for assistance about the problem with your amplifiers.

Reconnect to the chassis

If you found out that the amps are in good condition, then it might be the connection that makes the noise. Check the connection of the amps to the chassis. It must only be connected to one grounding point. Try removing the chassis and amps electrical connection and reconnect it again. Check if the noise is gone.

Go to a technician

If you cannot fix the problem, then it is best that you go to a technician to have your car audio system fixed. It will cost you some bucks but it is a sure way to get rid of alternator noise.

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