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How To Get Rid of Altitude Sickness

Exploring nature is a fun and exciting thing to do. Hiking up the mountains and walking through the forests, backpacking and camping with your friends and doing adventurous mountain activities – these things can really make a person feel one with nature. However, not everyone can appreciate these recreational activities. Some people may be too lazy to do some adventures like mountain climbing while others, although they want to experience it, cannot do so without getting altitude sickness.

Altitude sickness or mountain sickness is a common problem that may attack anyone. It is characterized by dizziness, nausea, difficulty breathing and discomfort when climbing up mountains or other places with high altitude. As you get farther from the ground, the oxygen levels decreases and this is the main reason that usual causes altitude sickness. Altitude sickness is not to be ignored. When the body does not get the right amount of oxygen it needs, it grows weaker and it may even cause death. However, if you are planning to have a trip with your family and friends up to the mountains, do not fret as there are remedies for altitude sickness. Right and proper preparation is the key. If you want to get rid of altitude sickness, here are some tips that you may find useful.

Bring medicine with you

If you are going to the mountains, then you should be prepared. Bring medicine with you and do not forget medicine for altitude sickness. Usually, medicines for motion sickness and nausea can help with altitude sickness. You can buy these medicines over the counter.

Rest and relax

When you are having difficulties due to altitude sickness, then you should stop and just take a rest. This will enable your body to catch its normal rhythm. Forcing your body to continue climbing higher when you are already experiencing altitude sickness can be very harmful. So when you start to feel nauseous or you cannot breathe comfortable, take a breather, rehydrate your body and just relax until you feel better again.

If the altitude sickness does not subside after a couple of minutes, instead of proceeding with your hiking, try to go back for a while to lower altitude where you can grasp more oxygen.

Eat some light foods

Hiking up the mountains is a very effective work out for the body. Because it is tiring, you might end up drinking lots of water on your way. Because of this, you might have masked your hunger that may cause you to feel dizzy. Every now and then, take stops to eat some light foods to supply the calories you need. Eat easily digestible foods and avoid filling your stomach too much as it may give you more difficulty breathing.

Do stretching exercises

Once you have gotten back down to a place where you can breathe more comfortable, you can do some stretching exercises before proceeding again. When you do some stretching, you are allowing oxygen to circulate to your body more freely. This way, the oxygen will reach every organ particularly the brain.

Stop your activity

When your altitude sickness does not go away, it may be better to stop your activity and just go back. Do not push yourself and risk your health. Once you have returned to the city, go to the doctor and ask for a treatment for your altitude sickness.

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