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How to Get Rid of Aquarium Smell

Fish smell is never pleasant, unless they are being cooked. There is a reason why the word fishy does not denote positivity, it doesn’t smell good. Imagine the results of leaving your aquarium not cleaned for long periods of time, it is catastrophic. Aquarium smell is inevitable for people lazy enough not to clean their aquariums.

The aquarium always, definitely sits inside a room. The room is a contained space that a hint of smell can easily spread and stay inside it. Aquarium smell will definitely linger and would sometimes, cling on to the surface of the wall and whatever material or furniture there is inside.

The worst part is that, the fish can die inside the aquarium once it gives off foul smell. These are some of the reasons, important reasons, why you need to get rid of aquarium smell. Having no idea is not an excuse and empowering you with the knowledge of different ways to get rid of the smell is the purpose of the procedures listed below:

Determine what is causing the smell

There are plenty of reasons why the aquarium produces foul odor. It wouldn’t help if you just clean your aquarium since the smell would just come back right after you have cleaned it. If you have an over populated tank, it’s time that you should get a bigger one. The reason behind it is this, fish also leave droppings and with an overcrowded aquarium filled with pooping fish can produce unwanted smells instantly. Same goes when you over feed your fishes. The food will settle at the bottom of the aquarium, unnoticed and would probably dilute in the water. The mixture of different chemicals together with the droppings is a smell unwanted by any sane person.

Clean the aquarium regularly

You need to set a schedule when you would clean the aquarium. Of course there are several factors that you need to consider when doing this since you don’t want to overdo it, wasting your time. You wouldn’t want to do it minimally since the smell can build up. See how many fish you have and how much dirt buildup there is in the aquarium before cleaning it.

Now when cleaning your aquarium, you don’t simply rinse it with water. Use a cleaner that is ammonia free and make sure that you scrub every part of the aquarium. Every nook and cranny should be scrubbed and all of the contents should be taken out before cleaning. If you have pebbles or stones in the aquarium, make sure that they are cleaned and brushed as well since dirt can cling on them.

Rinse the aquarium thoroughly to make sure that there are no traces of cleaning solution left in it. Always remember to check everything that you place inside to see if there are any dirt particles remaining on it.

Allow air circulation inside the room

If there is aquarium smell build up in the room, it would be wise to open up the windows to allow air movement, allowing the odor to get out of the room. If you have an exhaust fan or an electric fan, you should turn it on as well.

Install a filter on the aquarium

Whatever grows in your aquarium that is unintended should raise a red flag. Purchase a filter to allow the release of oxygen in the tank which can reduce nitrate levels and slow down the growth of algae which produces some of the off smell.

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