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How to Get Rid of Athlete’s Foot

We have always thought that athletes epitomize what humans should be. They have grace and capabilities that go beyond what regular human beings can do. This is the reason why the Olympics are celebrated. Athletes can be considered as soldiers fighting battles without the violence as they compete with athletes from other countries in sporting events. Athletes though have a bad reputation of having smelly feet since it is always sweaty and wet. This is why a fungal infection known as athlete’s foot is named after them.

Athlete’s foot is, as what was described earlier, a fungal infection that affects the feet. It causes the skin of the feet to become flaky and it will become itchy in affected areas. Although the feet are the primary target of this condition, you can guarantee that it can spread all throughout the body if enough attention is not provided to it.

It can be embarrassing to have athlete’s foot. There is nothing like removing your shoes in the locker room after a long run and noticing everyone walking away covering their noses. There are ways to get rid of athlete’s foot and you should pay attention to this since it can help you avert awkward situations wherein other people would talk behind your back:

Do not share footwear with others

Fungi spreads; period. Athlete’s foot is a form of fungi and the reason why it spreads is because of transmission. Do not be surprised if you allow your friend to borrow your socks or even your shoes and you find your feet smelling nasty. This is a common method of fungi transmission so you should avoid borrowing or lending footwear to other people.

Dry your feet

Athlete’s foot thrives in moisture and the feet, when covered, is the perfect place for it to grow. When we wear shoes, our feet is dark, warm and moist. These are the best conditions for fungus to grow. And you can’t prevent sweaty feet all by yourself except if your pores are clogged. So to keep the feet dry, you should use foot powder in your socks which can absorb moisture. You may also use baking soda as they have moisture absorbing properties.

Wear slippers at home

If you are inside the house, instead of wearing socks or shoes, you should consider wearing slippers. The open air can be considered as a fungus’ worst enemy and this is the reason why you need to keep your feet breathing freely. You can also go barefoot if you want, just remember to wash and dry your feet every now and then to clean it afterwards.

If you are in a locker room, chances are there might be a person that has athlete’s foot. Even if you are inside one, make sure that you don’t go barefoot. Wear slippers instead if you are going to use the shower.

Choose the right footwear

If you think that wearing one type of shoes is the same experience as wearing others, you are mistaken. Shoes are made from different materials and you will need to consider this fact since there are certain types of shoes that won’t allow air to pass through it. This effectively traps the feet and chaos would ensue.

Also, you need to remember to choose the right type of socks. Socks made from cotton and wool will allow your feet to breathe, which will allow air circulation as well.

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