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How To Get Rid Of Baby Dry Skin

Baby skin is prone to become dry because of its suppleness and sensitivity. Babies usually have undeveloped thin skin that can easily get dried out. There are many reasons for baby dry skin but the most common are hot weather and improper bathing. Although dry skin may not seem too serious at first, it can lead to severe skin conditions when not treated as soon as possible. Baby dry skin can lead to irritation that may make your baby become uncomfortable and fussy.

No parents in their right mind will be able to tolerate seeing their baby uncomfortable. So when you see the first signs of baby dry skin on your child, you should take the necessary actions to bring back the youthful glow of your baby’s skin. If you are a concerned parent who wants to get rid of baby dry skin of your little angel, here are some tips that you might find useful.

Have your child checked up

No matter how mild your baby’s health problem is, it is still a problem that can become severe over time. In order to avoid any other complication, you should have your child checked up by a professional before you proceed doing home treatments and giving medications to your baby. The doctor knows best and when it comes to your baby’s health, you should always seek the advice of an expert.

Do not over wash your baby

Some parents make the wrong move by frequently washing up their baby even though their child did not really get exposed to too much dirt. Unlike with adults, it is not really necessary to bathe your baby every day. Experts say that bathing infants about twice a week is already enough. Washing babies until they are squeaky clean will remove the natural moisture of the skin which can result to baby dry skin. When you bathe your baby, use lukewarm water and mild baby soap.

Baby skin moisturizers

There are many skin moisturizer creams and ointments that are available for babies. You can consult the doctor and ask about his recommendations about the best moisturizers that you can use on your baby to get rid of baby dry skin.

Note that using too much commercial products on your baby’s skin may do more damage than cure, so always choose the best products and apply them properly according to the directions.

Choose the proper clothing for your baby

Baby skin can easily have reactions with different fabrics and materials used in their clothing. When dressing up your child, choose clothes with natural fabrics such as cotton and refrain from making them wear those glitzy clothes because it may irritate the baby’s skin.

Choose the proper bed materials for your baby

Aside from the clothes that your baby’s wear, you should also take note of the kind of fabrics that you use in your child’s bed or crib. Do not use thick and abrasive fabrics. Choose bed sheets, pillow cases and blankets with natural fabrics as well because natural fabrics allow a better air circulation.

Use baby-friendly laundry soaps

The laundry detergent soap that you use when washing your baby’s clothes and beddings greatly affects your baby’s skin. Regular detergents soaps are found to be harsh and can cause baby skin dryness. So if you want to avoid dealing with baby dry skin, you should get laundry detergent soaps that are made for the sensitive skin of babies.

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