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How To Get Rid Of Banana Stains

Banana is one delicious and healthy fruit that is a favorite of many people. Because of its soft and easily-digested texture, many parents mash up bananas to feed their younglings. Since banana is popular among children, it is also quite common for parents to battle with banana stains.

Although a banana is lightly-colored, when it gets in contact with cloth or fabric, it can cause stubborn stain. If you have a cloth that has been previously stained by a banana, you will know how hard it is to remove. In fact, there are those people who just give up on banana stains right away. Even though banana stains are quite hard to remove, it is very possible to get rid of it. If you have a cloth or fabric that has been stained, here are some tips on how to get rid of banana stains.

Go to the laundrymat

Sometimes, it might be better to take your cloth or fabric to the laundry shop if the stained item is quite pricey and valuable. For expensive fabrics like silk and velvet, you should head straight to the laundry shop instead of doing home remedies because these types of fabrics are easily damaged.

Remove residue

The first thing you have to do when cleaning banana stains is to remove any solid residue on the stain area. Simply get a fork or spoon and scrape the banana residue that has dried up. If there are less solid particles, it will be less hard to remove the banana stain.

Soak the cloth

If the banana stain is still fresh, simply soaking it in hot water can remove the stain right away. Get a small basin and fill it with hot water. Submerge the cloth and leave it for about an hour. If you see that the stain has come off, wash it with detergent soap and rinse.

Use soapy solution

Another alternative for removing banana stains is to use soapy solution on the stained area. Simply mix liquid dishwashing soap with warm water. Rub the soapy solution over the stained area and scrub it with an old toothbrush.

This can also work with banana stains on carpet. Simply wet the stained area with the solution, but do not scrub the carpet as it may damage the fibers.

Leave the solution to sit for about 30 minutes and wash the cloth with the rest of the soapy solution. Use clean water for rinsing.

White vinegar

White vinegar is known for removing various kinds of stains. In a container, mix one part vinegar for every ten parts of water. Soak the cloth in this solution for some moment. The strong acidic content of the white vinegar will help loosen up the stain on the fabric. When the banana stain has become less visible, wash the cloth with laundry detergent and clean water.

This method can also be used with carpets, but instead of soaking the whole carpet, you can just spray some of the solution on the banana stain.

Stain removers

Stain removers can easily be acquired from your local shopping store. If you do not have one, you might as well get a bottle because it can be really handy in removing stains. Just follow the instructions written on the label of the stain remover to remove your banana stain. Also, take note that there are many kinds of stain removers. Choose the one that is suitable for removing banana and similar stains on cloth and fabrics.

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