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How To Get Rid Of Barn Swallows

Barn swallows are fun to watch. You can just lie back and stare at the sky as they fly around. These birds are simple, yet they can be very pleasing to the eyes. They even feed on mosquitoes and other harmful insects. Generally, barn swallows are one of those lovely creatures that play acrobats in the air until they start to fill your backyard and rooftop with nasty droppings and dirt.

The barn swallows are the most common swallow specie. They are found in almost every side of all the continents. These birds are have been given the name “barn swallows” because they are most widespread in country areas as they live near barns and agricultural land. They build nests from mud pellets found in farmlands. Although barn swallows are quite beneficial, there comes a time when they can get really troublesome. If you are one of the constant victims of the messy lifestyle of these birds, here are some things that you can do to get rid of barn swallows.

Locate the nest

Locating the barn swallows’ nest can be quite hard as you can hardly tell if they live within or outside your area. Barn swallows reach many places but it might be a great idea to look around your block anyway. If you see any bird nesting made from mud pellets, check out if there are eggs or little baby barn swallows. Like other animal species, barn swallows are protected by government rulings. If there are eggs or little birds on the nest, you cannot really destroy it until all birds have grown to adults. In this case, you can just do other methods to get rid of them.

On the other hand, if you find that there are no little offspring on the barn swallows’ nesting, you can destroy the nest. It might sound a bit harsh but it’s the best way to get rid of barn swallows in your lot.

Call animal control

To avoid hurting the barn swallows, you can call animal control and report your problem to the authorities. Have them remove the barn swallow nesting by themselves.

Power washer

Barn swallow nest can be easily washed away with power washer or high-pressure hose. Before you wash down the nest, inspect first if there are no birds in their nest. The best time to destroy a bird’s nesting is when they are flying high up in the sky. When destroying the nest with water, simply set up your gear to high pressure. Stand a few feet away from the nest and wash it down.

Knock the nesting down

You can also destroy the barn swallow nesting with a sturdy pole. But, remember not to destroy the nest if there are any birds around. Just know the nest down with force. You might have to do this over and over again until the nesting has been completely destroyed. After you have knocked down the nest, clean up the nesting remnants. If the barn swallows see nesting particles around, they will just rebuild a new nest.

Drive them away with animals

Barn swallows are afraid of bigger animals. Some of their most-feared animals are owls and snakes. Because of the dangerous background of these animals, you can just buy fake animal toys. Place them near the nesting so that the barn swallows can easily see the animals. Because of fear, barn swallows can be easily driven away by these animals.

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