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How To Get Rid Of Basset Hound Smell

Basset hounds can make good house pets. They can be loyal and protective of their masters. However, there are times when they start to smell really bad that even their pet owners can hardly stand their smell. If you are one of those people who own a basset hound that smells really bad, do not worry as there are reasons and treatments for the bad odor of your pet.

Some dogs like basset hounds actually have a distinct odor which does not really please people’s sense of smell. It is actually quite natural for them to secrete body oil that is a little off. This is how basset hounds smell so if you are an owner of this breed of dog, then you should try to accept and get used to it. Nevertheless, although basset hounds do not smell fragrant, they actually do not smell too bad. If your basset hound has strong, unwanted smell that you cannot stand, then there might be something wrong. Here are some tips on how you can get rid of basset hound smell.

Take him to the vet

There are many reasons behind dog smell. If your basset hound becomes unusually smelly, you should consider taking him to the vet for check up. There are many dog diseases associated with bad smell such as ear infection, yeast infection and other skin disease.

Bathe your dog

Basset hounds need to take a bath every now and then. You can fill a tub with lukewarm water and treat your dog for a relaxing bath. Although most basset hounds freak out when they are being bathed, they will get used to it in no time. Simply wet his skin and apply dog shampoo all over his body. Be sure to give him a nice scrub so that all those bacteria that stuck to his skin will be removed. After rinsing him clean of dog shampoo, use a blow dryer and steel brush to dry his hair.

Remember that basset hounds should be bathed about just one to two times a month. Too much bathing and cleaning can remove your pet’s natural smell.

Dog perfume

If your basset hound does not have a sensitive skin, you can purchase dog perfume to your pet smelling fresh all day long. You can get dog perfumes in different pet shops and stores.

Clean your dog’s space

If you fail to clean your dog’s space, bacteria and viruses can accumulate which can target your basset hound’s health and odor. You should include cleaning your dog’s space as a part of your chores.  Always keep his bedding clean, as well as his food containers. If there are dog poo and urine on the area, throw it right away and mop the floor clean to avoid that stinky smell.

Feed your dog the right food

The food that your basset hound eats can greatly affect his smell. If you are feeding him low quality food, chances are he will acquire a unique, unpleasant odor. If you want to lower the chances of him getting stinky because of the food that he eats, serve him high-quality meals that are packed with nutrients.

Take him to the pet salon

It might be a great idea to take your dog to the salon and have him groomed once in a while. This will not just keep your dog presentable and odor-free, but it will also make him more comfortable and relaxed.

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