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How To Get Rid Of Bathroom Sink Odor

Do you have a sink that emits foul smell? Has it always turned you off when you walk to your bathroom? A smelly sink can make a well-decorated house seem very unclean. If your sink starts to smell foul, you must take actions to get rid of it right away. Aside from making your house grubby, a smelly sink can actually harm your health.

A smelly sink is a common problem to many household owners. Non-use and overuse can both make the sink start to smell. So what can you do to stop and prevent it from smelling so bad? Well, the sink smell is most likely associated with cleanliness. Even if it looks porcelain white on the outside, you will be shocked when you realize how dirty your sink really is. Here are some helpful tips that can guide you to get rid of bathroom sink odor.

Run the water

For bathroom sink that is not often used, the water reserve on the P-trap may evaporate, causing the bad smell. This water reserve on the drainage system is responsible for hindering the sewer gas smell from climbing up the sink pipes. If the sink is not constantly used, the protective water will dry up, giving a way for sewer gas smell to come up to the sink drain and seep up to the sink’s surface.

Check for plumbing system leakage

If the plumbing pipes have leaks and cracks the sewer gas smell will be able to enter through the plumbing system or vent lines. The sewer gas smell will most likely circumvent up through the pipelines, making the sink smell horrible. Inspect first the P-trap and the bathroom toilet because these two are the most common locations for leaks and cracks.

Inspect the plumbing vents

Plumbing vents are responsible for releasing the sewer gas smell outside of the house. Once the plumbing vents become clogged with mold, dirt and other debris, there will be no exit point for the sewer gas smell so it will just circulate inside the plumbing system and, most probably, make their escape through the bathroom sink.

Clean up the sink

Aside from plumbing system problems, dirt that has accumulated on the sink may cause it to smell really bad. After using the sink, you should make sure to clean it up and dry the surface to avoid sink molds.

Remove sink molds

If in case there are molds in your sink, you should get rid of it immediately. Molds are fungi that carry harmful viruses. And because they are made up of dirt, molds can make your sink smell foul. There are many homemade solutions for removing molds like vinegar-water solution. Simply get a small basin filled with water and add a cup of vinegar. Pour the solution on the moldy spots, scrub then rinse.

Remove drain debris

If your sink looks clean on the outside but it still smells, you can check the sink drain see if it has been clogged with debris. To remove the clump of dirt that has stuck on the sink drain, mix some bleach and hot water and pour the solution over the sink drain and let the water run to sludge the strip off the debris.

Call a plumber

If you cannot find out why your sink smells, you can call a plumber and ask him to check up your plumbing system.  A great way to find a reasonable plumber prices in your area is by using services such as Service Magic.

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