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How To Get Rid Of Birds In Attic

The attic is one of the areas in your home that serve as a place for many types of pests like birds. If there are unattended openings on your loft, these birds can easily gain access to your attic. Once they entered your house, these birds can give you a headache. They will constantly scratch on your house’s upper floor and create unwanted noise. Moreover, these birds carry a lot of diseases. Their feces and other waste can cause many illnesses including encephalitis. So from the moment you have first heard the noise created by birds in your attic, you should check it out and try to get rid of birds in attic.

Birds in attic are quite more challenging to remove than birds hanging around your yard. Of course, you cannot just chase them away. When you are dealing with birds in attic, normally, the best way to remove them is to use traps. And if you were unsuccessful, you can call pest control for help. But before you spend some cash to hire someone to get rid of birds in attic; you can try these tips first.

Inspect your attic for cracks and openings

The first thing you should do is to inspect your attic. Try to see where all these birds come from and how they ended up inside your attic. A good way to know where the cracks and openings are is to close all the windows on your attic if there is any, then light up a candle. Watch where the smoke goes. This is more likely directing you to the holes in your attic.

Cover the holes

Once you have find out where the entry ways of the birds are, you can now cover them. You can use a chicken wire to cover the openings, or you can also just patch it up with a wood piece. It is important that you fix the openings right away so that no other birds will enter your attic.

Use traps

After the holes have been patched up, you should now pay attention to the birds in your attic. The most efficient way to remove them is to use traps. You can get catch-release bird traps from most hardware or home improvement stores. What you can do is to place bird seeds in a bowl and let the birds feed on it. Then, gradually move the bowl nearer and nearer the cage, until the birds get trapped. You should always monitor the trap so that once a bird is caught; it will not be able to fly away anymore.

Release the birds

When you have already caught the birds, then you can now release them. Simply go to a place away from your lot and then open up the cage and let the birds fly away. These birds will most likely have learned their lesson and they will not pester you anymore.

Set up spikes on your roof

To prevent birds from entering your house, you can set up spikes on your roof so that birds will not be able to land there. Just get these metal spikes and place them on your roofing. Do not worry as these spikes will not really hurt the birds, but it will make their landing uncomfortable so they’ll probably just choose another place to land at.

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