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How To Get Rid Of Birds In Chimney

Do you constantly hear chirping and scratching on your chimney walls? Do you always get disrupted by the loud noise that it brings? One of the most common animals that are known to enter your chimney are birds such as chimney swifts. Birds love to make their way home in your chimney when it gets cold or if there are not trees around. They tend to create their nesting inside your chimney and leave there permanently unless you do something about it. Although birds are lovely when they roam around the sky, they can bring a lot of damage to your house.

Once you suspect that there are birds in your chimney, you should try to get rid of them as soon as possible even before they can create a permanent residence in your house. Aside from the annoying loud noise, birds can also cause the spread of unwanted diseases. So if you think birds are hanging around your chimney, here are some things you can do to get rid of them.

Check your chimney

Of course, you could never be too sure if birds are really the ones responsible for the noise in your chimney. There are also bats that love to hang around your chimney so before anything else, check first if you are dealing with birds or bats. You can simply just take a trip outside your house during sunset to see if there are bats flying in. If the culprit are bats, you will have to follow another guide for bat removal.

Create noise

While birds love to create noise, they hate other loud sounds that do not come from them. So an effective way to remove the birds from your chimney is to simply fill a can with small stones and shake it on your fireplace. When the sound reaches those birds’s hearing, they will most likely go away.

Scare them with your pets

Dogs are also effective in chasing those birds away. You can just position your dog on the fireplace and have the dog bark at the birds on the chimney. Once the birds hear your dog, they will most probably be frightened. A strong, fierce cat can also do the job of chasing away those birds in chimney.

Contact your local bird center

Birds, particularly chimney swifts, are actually protected by the law. You cannot just kill or even threaten them with injuries. So if you really want to get rid of the birds inside your chimney, your best resort is to contact someone from your local bird center and ask for help on how you can get rid of birds in chimney.

Clean up your chimney

Once the birds have left your chimney, you should not forget to clean it up for any debris that the birds have left behind. Bird feces have many germs and bacteria that pose as a threat to your health. Also, if there are nesting left behind, it can clog your chimney so it is best that you clean it up after the birds have been removed.

Install a chimney screen

A chimney screen will serve as a barrier for pests that are trying to make their way through your chimney. Although the materials and installation of screen in the top of your chimney is quite costly, it is quite worth it to have a screen set up, especially if you often encounter pests that enter your chimney.

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