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How To Get Rid of Black Widow Spiders

Black widow spiders are one of the dangerous and most common specie of spiders that you can find in your home. They are notorious and can make you flinching for days because of their bite. Children and pets can hurt for months and months if they get bitten by these black widow spiders. The worst thing is that their bite can leave you fighting with death. For this reason, you should try to stay away from black widow spiders, and in case they have invaded your home, you must get rid of them right away. Black widow spiders pose as a threat to the well-being of your family, thus, you should not let them create their home inside your lot.

Getting rid of black widow spiders is not an easy task. Of course, since they are dangerous, you cannot be less than careful when dealing with them. Another thing is that they usually hide in places that are not easily accessible during daytime since they are nocturnal. Because of this, you might find difficulties in removing them. Nevertheless, there are ways to get rid of black widow spiders. Here are some things you can do to eliminate these harmful insects around your home.

Find their lair

In order to eliminate the black widow spiders, then you should find their lair first. While you can kill black widow spiders one by one, it is best to really eradicate their whole population as they will just continue to multiply. During the morning, walk around your home and yard to find the areas where there are webs. They usually make their webs on corner areas that are not usually paid attention too. This way, they will not meet a lot of disturbances.

Crush them

If you only saw about one or two webs, then you can just crush them. During night time, walk back to the area where you saw the web. Once it is dark, you will just see the black widow spider hanging around its web and waiting for their food. When you see them, you can just step to the web and make sure you stomp on the black widow spider as well or they will just be able to escape. You can also wear thick protective gloves and pick up the black widow spider and then crush it with your shoe. Repeat this for the other spiders and their webs.

Spray the spiders with insecticide

If you find a lot of webs around, then it just means that there are many spiders in your home. There may not only be black widow spiders but you can still opt to kill other species as well. When it is dark, just go to the locations of the spider webs. Bring with you a flashlight and insecticide. Carefully shine a light on the web and spray with the insecticide right away. Do not disturb the black widow spiders before you can even spray them with the insecticide as they may escape. Leave the insecticide to work.

Clean up the remains

Black widow spider will almost always instantly die with powerful insecticide. Once they have died, you can now clean up the remains. Just pick up the dead black widow spider and place in a small trash bag. Check the web for any egg sacs. If you see any, spray it with more insecticide or just crush it. This egg sac can produce hundreds of black widow spider eggs if not destroyed.

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