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How To Get Rid of Blaster Worm Virus

The computer may indeed be the greatest inventions ever. But like anything else, it can also be exposed to things that may interfere with its usefulness, and those things are bugs like viruses.  Like human viruses that can tamper with your health, computer viruses also weaken your computer and may even lead for it to crash. There are many types of viruses that can attack your computer. Some are just mild and only do simple and immaterial things, but some are notorious and can be hard to deal with. One virus that belongs to the latter group is the Blaster Worm Virus or commonly known as W32.Blaster.Worm.

This Blaster Worm Virus is a very damaging computer bug. Once your computer encounters this virus, it will install itself and start to mess with your programs and files. The Blaster Worm Virus operates on a specific date and once this date has been reached, it will prevent your computer to install important program updates. When your computer is not upgraded, it will become more vulnerable to further attacks from computer bugs that can make your computer unsecured. Because of the many threats it poses, you must get rid of Blaster Worm Virus as soon as you discover it on your computer. Here are some things that you can do to fix this malicious computer bug.

Get removal tools

Before you can get rid of Blaster Worm Virus, you need to download tools that will help you remove this thing. The most common tool that is being used to fix this bug is the Fix Blast. You can go to the Internet and download FixBlast.exe. However, be careful as to where you are going to download this removal tool. You might acquire a wrong file that is just full of bugs and even more viruses. Trust only sites that are proven to be credible and have good feedbacks.

Stop your computer processes

Once you have downloaded the removal tool, then you should now stop your computer’s other processes before you run the program. Save all your work and close the windows you are running. If you are using the Internet, you can also disconnect your connection.

Turn off System Restore

System Restore is one of the immediate remedies for minor computer failures but in order for FixBlast to work efficiently, you need to disable System Restore from your computer. Simply click on the Start icon on your taskbar and go to Control Panel. Once you have opened your Control Panel, go to the System and Security and find the System icon. Go to System Restore tab and disable it.

Run the removal tool

Once your computer has completed the start up, you can now run the removal tool. Go to the location where you saved the FixBlast.exe. Click on the file to start it up. FixBlast.exe will then automatically run and fix all the viruses and computer bugs including the Blaster Worm Virus on your computer. Just allow it to work until it has completed removing viruses from your computer. When the removal tool has finished its job, restart your computer again.

Enable System Restore

Now that the Blaster Worm Virus is gone, you can now enable the System Restore tool so you can use it in fixing minor problems in the future. Simply go back to the System Restore options again and enable it.

Restart and reconnect

When all is done, restart your computer and reconnect it again. To prevent virus from attacking your computer, follow safety measures when browsing and downloading from the Internet. Protect your computer as much as you can because it stores vital information.

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