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How To Get Rid of Bleeding Gums

Have you ever experienced brushing your teeth too harshly that it started to bleed? Bleeding gums is actually a common occurrence. The gums are soft and are not too strong. They are quite sensitive and can easily be bruised. When you brush your teeth and the toothbrush bristles are pressed too hard on your gums, it might start to bleed. Even in occasions when you accidentally poke your gums even with not much force, it can leave your gums wounded.

Fortunately, treating bleeding gums is actually quite easy, unless the bleeding is caused by a severe infection. Usually, you just need to rinse your mouth or apply pressure on it so that the bleeding can be stopped. If you are experiencing this problem with your mouth, here are some things you can do to get rid of bleeding gums.

Drink cold water

Drinking cold water can stop bleeding gums because the cool temperature can constrict the blood vessels on the gum. When this happens, the blood flow will slow down and the bleeding will stop. So when your gums is bleeding, drink cold water and rinse your mouth with it.

Apply ice cubes

Applying ice cubes on your bleeding gums does the same effect as the cold water. Simply get a small piece of ice cube and gently rub it against the bleeding gum for about a minute or until the bleeding stops. It will also give you that numbing effect so you will not feel any pain. However, those with sensitive teeth can have a hard time with ice cubes against their gums.

Massage your gums

Massaging your gums can regulate the blood flow and make the bleeding halt. You can either put gentle pressure on your gums with your finger or the back of your toothbrush. Just keep on massaging and putting pressure on the area that is bleeding until it stops. Rinse your mouth afterwards.

Rinse with salt and water solution

A natural way to stop bleeding gums and to kill bacteria that may be causing it is rinsing your mouth with salt and water solution. Simply heat up a cup of water until it is warm and add a pinch of salt to it. Dissolve the salt and then gargle with the solution.

Rinse with mouthwash

Mouthwash is necessary to clean your mouth and teeth and to kill bacteria that may cause various oral problems. While most mouthwash is just for cleansing, there are some products that have healing properties with them. When you are treating bleeding gums, you should buy the brand that can help cure most oral problems like bleeding gums.

Simply go to the market or drugstore and check mouthwash that has healing properties or you can ask the pharmacist or doctor for the best mouthwash product that can cure bleeding gums. Mouthwash that can treat bleeding gums usually contain oils like peppermint, chamomile and other soothing essential oils. Rinse your mouth with this product after brushing your teeth or whenever your gum bleeds.

Get help from the dentist

Bleeding gums might not be too serious but there are times when it can lead to oral problems and complications. So if you often experience excessive bleeding gums, you can just go to the dentist and ask for help and professional treatments.

After your bleeding gum has been treated, remember to observe proper oral hygiene to make your mouth stronger and healthier.

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