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How To Get Rid of Blood Blisters

Have you accidentally hurt yourself? Don’t you see any wound but it feels painful? If you wait for a couple of minutes, you might start to notice a bulge forming on your skin. It might be blisters. Blisters form because of damaged nerves. If the nerves start to bleed but the skin stays intact, blood blisters may develop on your skin.

Blood blisters are common when you get wounded internally but the blood does not break through your outer skin. The good news is that blood blisters can be treated in the comforts of your home. Here are some things you can do to get rid of blood blisters.

Apply ice wrap

The first thing you need to do when treating blood blisters is to apply an ice wrap against the wounded skin. The cold temperature will make your blood vessels constrict. When this happens, the flow of blood will be slowed down, thus, making the damage clot faster. It will alleviate the swelling and the pain that you feel. Simply get some ice cubes and wrap it in a clean piece of cloth. Secure the ice wrap against your blistered skin. Do not apply ice directly to the blood blisters as it may cause your skin to burn.

While letting the ice wrap work, you should rest the part of your body where the blisters are and slightly raise it to stop bleeding.

Soak with warm water

After applying the ice wrap for about ten minutes, the accumulation of blood must have already stopped. Now, you need to make the blood blister grow bigger so it can pop out naturally. Note that you should never force blood blisters to pop as this may cause infection. The good way to go is to soak your blistered skin with warm water. It will make the blister go bigger until it looks ripe.

For best results, you can add Epsom salt to your soak. Epsom salt will also help in relieving the soreness that you feel. Be sure to soak your blood blisters about two to three times a day with warm water to clean it up.

Cover the blood blister until it pops

Once the blood blister looks like it is going to pop out anytime, you just have to secure it with a bandage. Simply cut some bandage or gauze and lay it over the blood blister. Secure it loosely with medical tape. You should allow the blood blister to breathe even though it is already covered. Whenever you need to clean your blood blister, simply re-apply new bandage.

Rinse with antibacterial soap

When the time comes that the blood blister pops, immediately place it under slow running water. This will help clean up the blood that has accumulated inside the blister. When the bleeding stops, clean it up with antibacterial soap and water. Pat it dry and then apply antibacterial ointment then place a bandage over the area to keep it away from infections germs. Repeat this couple of times a day until the blood blister heals.

Check up with the doc

If the blood blisters seem to be becoming worse, instead of continuing your home treatment, it is best that you talk to your doctor about it. Blood blisters can usually be removed with home remedies but they are very prone to becoming infected and when this happens, home remedies may not be enough. So if after a few days the blood blisters just keep on growing painfully, you should go to the doctor and ask to be checked up.

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