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How To Get Rid of Blue Screen of Death

Have you had that experience when you need to do some computer tasks and while doing your job, the computer suddenly freezes, you shut it down and you after a few seconds, you are welcomed by the blue screen of death. The blue screen of death, when it appears, can really make you jump and freak out. Usually, this in an indication that there is a serious error in your computer and that your files, whether important or not, will have a 50-50 chance of being recovered, provided that you have a backup, otherwise, you can only pray that they will come back after being repaired.

The common causes of blue screen of death are errors in operating system, programs, devices and other disk drives. If the operating system is not affected, you can usually just restart your computer and it will become normal again. However, if your computer really crashed and aside from the blue screen of death, error message flashes, then your computer is doomed. But before you start worrying about you are going to get your files back, you can do some things on your own in order to reboot your computer and fix the error. Here are some things you can do in order to get rid of blue screen of death.

Visit a computer technician

The first thing you should do in fixing blue screen of death is to restart your computer. If after restarting it, the blue screen of death still appears, then it is best to visit a computer technician and pay for his services.

Restart your computer

Blue screen of death may temporarily appear because of the inability of your hard drive to properly start up. When this happens, your computer will freeze. But the good news is that this is just a mild error. You can just hit the restart button on your computer and restart it. If you are in luck, the blue screen of death will already disappear and you will gain access again to your computer. However, when this happens frequently, you might also consider checking up your computer for any internal or hard drive damage.

Scan your computer

If your computer has recovered from the blue screen of death after restarting it, then you should do some computer fixes. There are many viruses, worms, and other malicious computer errors that can be responsible for many damages on your computer including the blue screen of death. As soon as you recover from this error, start running your antivirus, antispyware program. This will help scan and treat any malicious program that is attacking your computer. If you do not have antivirus programs, you can download it or buy the software. The more expensive the software package is, usually, the more virus and threats it can detect and clear.

Uninstall malicious programs

If your virus scanner has detected malicious programs on your computer, then you can try just removing them. Take note of the locations where the threats are according to the scanner. Click the “Windows Start” button on your computer and go to “Control Panel”. Once the new window appears, go to “Programs”. Open the “Programs and Features” and there you will see all the list of the programs installed on your computer. Look for those programs that have malware attached to them. Uninstall these programs and after that, restart your computer. This should clear any malicious programs on your computer.

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