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How To Get Rid of Blurry Vision

Blurry vision is usually the first symptom of an upcoming eye condition. It will start seeing things a little hazy and over time, it might lead to permanent nearsighted or farsightedness and even other damaging eye problems. If it is not associated with any eye condition, blurry vision might also occur temporarily. For example, if you have swum for a few hours without having goggles to protect your eyes, you might get blurry vision. You might also experience it if your eyes have become strained from too much exposure to computers and television. Blurry vision can also be felt when your wake up first thing in the morning.

The good news is that there are several things that you can do in order to get rid of blurry vision. You do not even have to spend some cash and undergo surgical treatments, unless, the blurry vision is caused by an underlying serious illness. The eyes are very important, therefore, you must keep it protected and free from damages. Here are some tips for treating blurry vision.

Rinse your eyes with cool water

Cool water will help refresh your eyes and make you see clearly again. If you are having blurry vision, simply splash some cool water over your face and try to relax your facial muscles as well as your eyes. Close it for a few minutes and then try to see if the blurry vision goes away.

Put some cold cucumber

You might often see people who are getting facial treatments with cucumber over their eyes. This is because cold cucumber can release the tension from the eyes and brighten it up. It can also relieve you from blurry vision. Simply slice up cucumber and put them in a fridge for a couple of minutes. Once it has cooled, lie down and relax yourself, close your eyes and put the cold cucumber over your eyes. It will help soothe your eyes and even remove dark circles around your eyes.

Intake Vitamin A

Have you ever been forced by your parents to eat a lot of carrots when you were young? Well, it is because carrots are rich in Vitamin A, which is the vitamin for the eye. It is very effective in the health of your eyesight. As such, it is also good in improving blurry vision. Every day, you must increase the intake of Vitamin A. You can get Vitamin A from vegetables like carrots and spinach. If you are not much of a vegetable eater, you can opt to get multivitamins supplement.

Avoid eye strain

Blurry vision is becoming more common because people like to expose themselves to televisions, computers and other gadgets that radiate rays that are harmful to the eyes. If you want to avoid experiencing blurry vision, stay away from radiation and that means not using your gadgets when not necessary and buying gadget accessories like screen protectors, to help block the radiation. You should also ensure that your eyes get enough rest. Avoid sleeping late at night to have good night sleep.

Go to an eye doctor

If the blurry vision still persists even after three days, then you might want to have your eyes checked. As said above, blurry vision is one of the first symptoms of many underlying eye diseases. Set up a meeting with a professional eye doctor and have your pairs checked up. You can also ask him about the treatments you can undergo and medicines you can intake in order to get rid of blurry vision.

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