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How to Get Rid of Bone Break Fever

There are several symptoms that the body shows when there is something wrong with the body. One most common symptom when there is irregularity in the body is the fever. A fever is characterized by higher than normal body temperatures and there is one type of fever that feels like the flu which can cause pain in the joints.

This type of fever is known as bone break fever. Bone break fever is also known as an acute mosquito borne illness. There are usually three types of symptoms that can be felt when a person has this type of fever; they will have rash, headache and fever. This illness is better known as dengue and is prominent to countries in the tropics.

Bone break fever can be dangerous causing thousands of deaths if not treated in its early stage. If you feel any symptoms related to bone break fever, you should visit the doctor immediately. However, there are ways to treat this illness and it is listed below:

Prevention is the first step

Now that we know bone break fever is caused by a strain of mosquitoes, we should do everything we can to stop the breeding of the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love to stay in damp places and they lay their eggs on stagnant water. Draining areas and objects that can hold standing water are hotspots for mosquitoes. Make sure that these hotspots are cleaned by throwing unused water right away and cover any water that is unused.

Another way to prevent mosquitoes from reaching you is by having screen doors installed so it won’t let any type of insects enter your house. Also, apply mosquito repellant lotion on your skin to prevent the mosquitoes from getting attracted.

Subdue fever using medicines

Dengue is caused by a virus and medicine as well as antibiotics may not be effective to get rid of it but it can relieve the symptoms of the fever. For headaches and fever, you can take anti inflammatory drugs but only with the guidance of a doctor since there is a possibility of strong bleeding complications. Acetaminophen may be used in case you have headaches and this can also be used for joint and pains in the muscle.

Other types of medicine that you can take are analgesics and aspirin. If you have severe case of bone break fever, you should visit a doctor immediately.

Rehydrate your body

Drink lots of water or if the body becomes too dehydrated, you should take IV. When you have bone break fever, the fever, vomiting and diarrhea could lead to the person becoming dehydrated quickly. Administering IV fluid or drinking water can alleviate the effects of dehydration to the body.

Take plenty of bed rest

Free yourself from any physical activities since your joints are in pain, performing physical activities will worsen your situation and you won’t have the energy to perform any activities anyways; resting can help speed up the healing process.

Always seek the help of a doctor

Statistics would show that bone break fever that is not treated can be fatal. If there is an outbreak in your area and you show symptoms of bone break fever; you should immediately visit a doctor to make sure that you are diagnosed properly before you take any medicine or undergo any procedure that may further harm your body.

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