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How To Get Rid of Casting Worms

Most people find worms just plain disgusting. Well, they really are quite icky. But even though most people are afraid of them, worms help the soil become healthier. Worms leave worm castings or worm manure, which helps in fertilizing the soil. It also kills some small, unwanted grasses.

The act of removing worm casting from the soil is called vermicomposting. Some people make a living out of harvesting worm casting. In fact, there are big companies that gather worm castings to sell them commercially but to some, casting worms spell nuisance. If you do not like casting worms around, here are some tips you can follow on how to get rid of casting worms from the soil.

Dig them up

If you want to get rid of casting worms, you have to locate them first. Casting worms leave trail on the soil which can make it easy for you to find their lair. Once you have located their dwelling place, dig the soil around them using a shovel. Place this in a bin.

Shape the contents

Dump the bin contents on the table surface. Make sure that you have covered the table with some plastic or paper. Simply make one big cone from the vermicomposting or shape them into small mounds. The worms will move away from where the light is and go downwards to their bedding. Remove the layer of the vermicompost where the worms did not bury themselves at. Choose the castings from this portion. Place the worm castings you have harvested in a separate vermicompost bin.

Repeat procedure

After you get rid of some of the worm castings over a portion of the bedding, you should shape the remaining bedding again. Place the light over the mound and watch the worm burrow. Remove again the portion where the worms are not present and gather all the worm castings from it. Just do this reshaping, lighting and collecting of worm castings until only the worms are left in a pile.

Sell the worms

When you have finally collected the worm castings, you will know how many worms you have remaining. Now you can get rid of these casting worms. You can sell them together with the vermicompost you gathered. In the meantime, you can get rid of the castings in two ways: one is to mix it with your soil and the other one is to sell it.

If you are not much of a gardener, then you can sell the worm castings you gathered in the market. You can make money from trading this product with the gardeners. A lot of people engage in big time vermicomposting because it is a feasible business. Gardeners love to use natural fertilizers and worm castings just happened to be one of them. So if you are harvesting more vermicompost than you could use, then you can get rid of the rest in a productive way by selling them to other interested people.

Fertilize your soil

Fertilizing your soil with the worm castings you gathered can make your lot bountiful. You can grow more flowers and plants which could greatly beautify your lot and help restore the environment. Worm castings are also good if you already have your own garden. Just simply sprinkle them around your flowers and the worm castings will serve as nutrients for your plants.

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