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How To Get Rid of Cave Crickets

Crickets are generally not harmful. They are just creatures that you hear chirping at night. But when they cross the line and invade your home, crickets can bring trouble, especially those cave crickets or camel crickets. This type of crickets dwells in cool, damp places. Cave crickets can be actually helpful in some ways as they eat molds and fungi around your home. However, they can also munch on house furnishings, clothing and basically everything that they can eat.

If you do not want your items to get ruined by cave crickets, then you have to protect your home from these creatures. Take note that once cave crickets have invaded your house, they will be very hard to get rid of. So as much as possible, you have to take actions to keep them away. Here are things you can do that can help you to get rid of cave crickets.

Track them down

The best way to get rid of cave crickets is to track where they are coming from. Usually, they gain access to your house through crevices and holes on your wall. If you have flower boxes, piles of wood and other stuffs leaning on your wall from the outside, it may also house these cave crickets which can jump inside your home through open windows. You should get rid of these piles of things outside your house and close unused windows. Find the crevices and holes that serve as entry point and home to the cave cricket and fill it with caulk or putty.

Clean dark, damp areas

Cave crickets love to dwell on dark and damp areas. If you do not want cave crickets infiltrating your home, then you should eliminate spots like this. Find the dark and damp areas of your house clean these places and use a dehumidifier to make them dry.

Use insecticide

Insecticide can kill cave crickets. If you have a lot of these creatures crawling around, then you can spray insecticide inside and outside your home. It is always better to use natural insecticides as they have lesser side effects. Always read and follow the directions on how to use the insecticide to avoid unnecessary situations.

Place glue traps

Another good way of eliminating cave crickets is to place glue traps in potential places that they visit. You can also place glue traps in places in your house that you do not want these cave crickets to have access to. Simply buy glue traps on your local store and set them up. Check them daily and see if there are cave crickets that got trapped and get rid of them as soon as possible.

Add lights

The right lighting can keep away cave crickets. Add lights on dark rooms and patios but remember not to use those shiny, bright bulbs as this type can attract insects. Opt to use dim, yellowish lights that cave crickets do not have interest to.

Keep plants away from your wall

Avoid growing vegetation right along the walls of your house. Cave crickets gather on thick grasses and plants. If your plants are located just outside your wall, these cave crickets can easily have access to the inside of your house. So remove all the plants that are less than two feet away from your walls.

Call the exterminator

If the cave crickets in your home has gone out of your control, then you can call your local exterminator for help.

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