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How To Get Rid Of Charlie Horses

Health is one of the major concerns of people. As such, people need to take care of their body more carefully, especially nowadays when the environment is getting more and more harsh. This means that staying in shape by exercising, eating healthy food, and avoiding health threatening objects should be properly observed. However, there are some things that can harm a person without them knowing about it. Sometimes, staying fit isn’t enough. You should always be wary of doing things that concern your body – which is basically everything that you do. This means that you should watch out food that you eat, clothes that you wear, how much you wear yourself out, and many other things. However, it isn’t impossible to stay away from these bad habits. Once you determine your problem, you can start doing something about it. If your problem involves muscle pain, you need to do something as soon as possible. This especially true if that pain is coming from your lower extremities.

A painful muscle cramp from your feet, calves, or upper legs, is better known as a Charlie Horses. This can occur due to a number of complications such as dehydrations mineral deficiency, and even muscle fatigue. It will hurt and continue to annoy you until you do something about it. You will immediately notice its onset with these following symptoms: swelling, muscle spasm, tenderness, and pain. The usual cause is impact force, such as those from physical sports in forms of injury. A Charlie Horses can stay with you for a few days to a whole month if left untreated. As such, you need proper interventions to help get rid of it as soon as you can. If you are dealing with Charlie Horses, look no further as this article will help you get rid of your Charlie Horses before it leaves you incapable of doing your daily tasks effectively. Check out these tips:

Ice is your best friend

Use ice to pack the affected area. This will give you temporary numbness and inhibit the pain radiating from your cramp. Bend the affected leg at the knee and apply ice pack or cold compress on the area that is hurting. Leave it there for a couple of minutes. It will keep the pain off. If the pain kicks in again, just get your ice pack or cold compress and use it to get temporarily relief.

Compression bandages helps

If the affected area starts swelling, add compression using compression bandages. Compression socks also works. These can be purchased from your local pharmacy and will help protect your swelling from external harm.

Rest your body

For a simple intervention, elevate your leg. Rest your whole body if swelling occurs. Raise your leg above your chest while lying down face-up. Use a set of pillows to provide comfort.

Cool down your muscles

Massaging and pain-free stretching will help immensely. Also perform these after a strenuous exercise. Also, you can stretch your legs by sitting on the floor with them in from of your body. Do not hesitate to repeat if it makes you comfortable.

Increase vitamins and mineral intake

Vitamins and minerals will help in strengthening your body and improving your body system. For the best treatment, see a doctor and have him examine you. HE will most probably give you medical supplement prescriptions and other medicines that help get rid of Charlie Horses.

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