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How To Get Rid Of Cigarette Smell

If someone in your household has the bad habit of smoking cigarette, then you probably are living in a house that is constantly filled with unpleasant odor. If you have a visitor and he suddenly lights up a cigarette, your house can easily be filled with that unwanted cigarette smell in just a few minutes. Even though the cigarette only has a life of a few minutes, its smoke and smell can stay for hours and even days inside your house. But instead of waiting for the smell to fade away, you should get rid of it right away as cigarette smell contain bacteria that may damage your lungs.

There are many tricks that you can do to get rid of cigarette smell. Some are easily done while some are quite challenging to finish. Of course, it all depends on how strong the cigarette smell is. If you are dealing with unwanted smell from the smoke of cigarette, here are some tips that you can follow so you can escape that unpleasant, dangerous odor.

Open the doors and windows

If the room where the cigarette smell is emanating from is secluded, then the smell will go nowhere but in that room alone. So if you want to the removal of the smell to be speed up, you should open the doors and windows inside the room. When there is proper ventilation in the room, the cigarette smell will be blown outside of the house.

Consequently, if a relative or friend of yours wants to smoke cigarette, you should kindly instruct him to smoke outside the house, or you can ask him to smoke by the window so that the cigarette smell will have no time to circulate inside the house.

Place activated charcoal

If the smell of the cigarette is really strong, you can get activated charcoal in the market, place them in small paper packets and hang them around the room where the smell emanates from. Activated charcoal has a strong absorbing power. If you place them inside a smelly room overnight, come morning time, the smell will most probably be gone.

Set up bowls of vinegar

Vinegar is also a powerful odor absorbent. Simply place around bowls of vinegar inside the room to get rid of the cigarette smell. Be sure to place the bowls in places that is out of reach of your children or any pets. Leave the vinegar in the room overnight for it to work effectively.

Clean the fabrics with baking soda

If the fabrics, carpeting and rugs inside your house are also smelly, what you can do is to sprinkle ample amount of baking soda over it. Leave the baking soda to work for a couple of hours. For carpets and rugs, use the vacuum to remove the baking soda residue. For clothing, simply wash them with water and detergent. Leave to dry and bleach under the sun.

Spray air purifier

Air purifiers are available in almost all the home improvement section at grocery shops. These air purifiers will blend with the molecules in the air and give your room a fresh and clean odor. This is a must have in your household if someone in your family has the bad habit of smoking cigarette.

You can also use your perfume if you do not have air purifier. You can simply spray a small amount of it in the room’s light bulb or lamp. Once you turn on the lights, the perfume will spread inside the room and overpower the cigarette smell.

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