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How To Get Rid of Clothes Moths

Have you ever had that experience when you need to wear a cloth that has been shoved away in the corners of your closet for a long time, and when you have taken it out, you see that the fabric has holes in it? This is one of those times when all you can do is a face palm. If you found out that your clothes have been tampered with, but you do not really remember ripping the fabric before, then only one thing may be the culprit and that is clothes moth. Clothes moth is a very common house pest that can be found all around the globe.

These clothes moths, as the name suggests, are pests that love to eat fabrics and textile. Clothes moth can be very damaging, thus, you must eliminate them when you discover they have gained access to your house. There are several ways that you can do to get rid of clothes moth without spending a dime. Here are some things you can do to get rid of clothes moth.

Clean up your dresser

Clothes moths often make their nest in dressers and cabinets or wherever it is that you are keeping fabrics and textile. Naturally, the first step you should do is to clean up your wardrobe furniture. Remove all your clothes and other fabrics. Separate the clothes that have been clothes moth in them. Immediately put these clothes inside the washer. Set the washer to hot temperature and then add the liquid detergent. Run the cycle to kill the clothes moth.

For other fabrics that have not been affected, just place them inside a container.

Make a hot water and soap solution

One solution you can do to kill the clothes moth is to simply mix hot water and soap. Fill two buckets with the solution. Set the other one aside because you will use that for cleaning. The other one will be used to drown the clothes moth.

Use the vacuum to get the clothes moth

After removing the clothes, you might now have a full view of the lair of those unwanted clothes moth. To eliminate them, use a vacuum cleaner to extract all the clothes moth. After the clothes moths have been gathered inside the vacuum bag, release them inside the bucket with hot water and soap solution. The clothes moth will drown in the solution and then die. Throw away the remains properly.

Wash the dresser

Even though the clothes moths have been killed, you cannot be too sure that no reinfestaion will occur. So to be safe from these clothes moths, you must wash your dresser. Using a sponge and the solution you have prepared, scrub the dresser, particularly the location where the clothes moths are found. You might also find some worm like larvae there. Remove these because they are little clothes moth. After scrubbing the dresser thoroughly, wash it with clean water and let dry.

Disinfect with vinegar

Vinegar is a great disinfectant for many types of bugs and pests. To repel any clothes moth and kill any remaining eggs or larvae, you can just mix some water and vinegar together and place it inside a spray bottle. Spray your dresser with the solution. Leave your dresser overnight to dry and for the vinegar smell to dissipate.

Replace your clothes

When everything is done and your dresser is clean again, simply place back your clothes in the dresser. Every now and then, just inspect your cabinet so you can avoid clothes moth reinfestation.

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