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How To Get Rid of Clumps In Mascara

Most people pay particular attention to the eyes that is why ladies would do anything to make their precious pair more beautiful, and that means putting on mascara to accentuate the eyes. Mascara is one of the must-haves you can find in a lady’s make-up kit. Mascara makes the lashes longer and thicker. This will give that pop into the eyes that helps it appear to be bigger and brighter.

However, there are times when, instead of beautifying the eyes, mascara makes the wearer’s eyes appear not so pleasantly. This is because mascara tends to clump and destroy the overall look of whoever wears it. Have you ever had that experience when you put on some mascara on your lashes as a final touch and then some of your lashes seem to just stick together? It will turn your supposed-to-be good look into a disaster. But do not fret because you can avoid situations like this. Here are things you can do to get rid of clumps in mascara.

Use eyelash comb

Eyelash comb will help untangle the clumped eyelashes due to mascara. If you have already applied the mascara and you end up with clumps, you can just apply a bit of makeup remover to the eyelash comb. You can also use baby oil or olive oil if you do not have makeup remover. Use this to comb your lashes. It will remove the clumps. After that, just apply your mascara again. If any clumping occurs, comb your lash. If you are planning to put another coat of mascara, wait for the first coat to dry first because putting on too much mascara all at once is the very reason for mascara clumps.

Another tip is to let the mascara dry up a bit before you apply it to your eyes. When applying mascara, take out the applicator and wait for a few seconds for it to dry up a bit, then apply to your eyes.

Check your mascara’s consistency

If your mascara is too thick, then you are at risk of getting mascara clumps every time you apply it. What you can do to fix this problem is to apply a very little amount of hot water to the mascara. This will improve the consistency of the mascara so it will not develop clumps.

This is often the case with old mascara product that has dried up. Do not use old mascara that has already been set aside for a long time. This mascara may already be filled with germs that can cause harm to your eyes. If the mascara has already become too thick, get a new one.

Get the right mascara product

There are many makeup brands that produce mascara, some of them have high quality, and some of them are cheap. If you want to have clump-free mascara, then be sure to opt to buy those quality ones. While cheap mascara may seem enticing, you might end up just throwing away the product after a few uses, compared to quality mascara that can really be used for a long time without any problems at all.

Aside from the quality of the mascara, you should also pay attention to the bristles of the applicator. If the bristles of the mascara brush have little spaces between them, then you might experience mascara clumping. But if the bristles have spaces in between, it will make the application better and clump-free.

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